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Courtesy of MCT


Following the veg-heads and Atkins fanatics of 2009-2010 and the gluten-free guts of 2011-2012, nutritional trends tend to come and go in seasons.

However, the motion to go gluten-free is still going strong and without complaint.

With the benefits of losing that stubborn gut, a gluten free diet simplifies nutrition to really cut down on the excess we commonly tend to overlook. Bread, pastries and pastas are such examples of that potential accidental carbo-loading for a less than active consumer. Starches and sugars that are however beneficial to someone dedicated to daily exercise, may make another fall  victim to some excess belly fat.

Gluten-free is a great kick start to losing a few inches without dropping weight too quickly.

Keep it simple with healthier snacking on power-foods like kale chips, flax seeds, quinoa snaps, greek yogurt, sweet potatoes, coconut water, whey protein and natural sugar alternatives.

As low-fat and low-carbs are almost always incorporated into dieting, 2013 is encouraging with more leniency to our eating habits, so long as it is balanced. Simplifying our dishes to worry less about calorie-count and more about being in sync with healthy exercise is one strategy that seems better fit to our liking.

We can eat what we want in smaller portions so long as it is complemented with fresh elements. It’s about moderation, and luckily that doesn’t take too much to think about when choosing your foods.

For about as many heavy starches and fatty foods as you intake, which should not be much to begin with, balance it out with an equal or greater amount of fresh fruits, veggies and lean protein that can be thrown in throughout the day.

Our busy lives keeps us on the move, making it easier to snack on fruit, nuts and veggies by just replacing our usual high-fat snacks with healthier options.

Snacks are upsettingly deceiving. Unaware of its way of increasing our empty calorie count and spiking blood sugar levels, snacking has called attention to where we need to refocus our diet.

Not necessarily trying to limit our food intake anymore with 2013, but simply replacing the bad with the good at a higher frequency to keep the metabolism running, it’s not all that difficult. Focusing on the finer details of eating while creating a habit in the process, healthier snacking is an obvious step by step way to incorporate better nutrition into your diet.

Finally embracing the highest form of temptation in dieting, snacking is being transformed this year to better benefit our health by a quick change of habit.

Whoever thought of this, definitely had a few of us in mind. Too often, it’s those little snacks here and there that add up to a higher calorie-count than when it actually comes to our meals at times.

So, think: cauliflower over popcorn, snap peas over chips and coconut water or protein shakes over high-sugar juices.

Having learned from past diet plans, 2013 is optimistic of a more successful route of better nutrition and healthy maintenance.

For the busy and preoccupied, as most of us are, without much time to dedicate to exercise as we can to food, it’s about snacking and keeping that metabolism up. We should all be aware by now that skipping a meal is about the worst thing we can do for our bodies.

Getting our day’s needs of fruits and veggies from just snacks alone leads to better nutritional habits for our sit-in meals. Not that our meal’s nutritional value does not matter anymore, but from better snacking, it will be an easier transition to healthier eating by cutting down on the extra fat and sugar.

Going back to the basics with 2013, choosing the right nutritional snacks are the steps to better eating.


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