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Photo by Ray Gutierrez
Photo by Ray Gutierrez

The sun is finally a constant sight, the weather is warm and outdoor activities are at their all-time peak. Summer is here and ladies can consequently showcase some their favorite looks and styles.

From flirty summer dresses to more casual looks, women want their hair and makeup to complement their wardrobe. But with the heat, humidity and outdoor breezes that may inhabit the air, beauty maintenance can be arduous for those hot outdoor activities.

Pin-up model and YouTube sensation Cherry Dollface gives helpful tips and tricks on the how-to’s of summer hair and makeup.

Cherokee “Cherry Dollface” Meade, is a film production coordinator in her day-to-day life, but she is better known as a model, YouTube beauty guru and role-model for young women.

Although her unique style is more commonly connected to the rockabilly culture, Cherry Dollface offers tutorials on hair and makeup that can be useful to everyone from pin-up enthusiasts to the girls next door.

With summer rapidly approaching, Cherry Dollface discusses her style strategies for coping with summertime in L.A.

“I don’t live in a very humid region, thank goodness,” said Meade. “But I do work on Warped Tour so I have some tips and tricks for heat and sweat.”

She suggests using powder for shine control or blotting paper and avoiding heavy foundation or concealer “because it will cake.” Powder and blotting paper will help absorb natural oils without adding another product to the face.

“Stick with the basics—if you are a really sweaty person avoid makeup that will bleed (liquid eyeliner, non waterproof mascara, cream blush),” Meade added. “Summer is a good time to go natural anyway!”

Another way to lighten your look for summer according to Meade is to use light colors, nudes and pastels when it comes to lips. Whether it’s gloss, shimmer or lipstick, the lighter the better.

And when it comes to the eyes, there’s a little more room for personality and play. Your eyes are the windows to your soul, or so it goes. Jazz it up between daytime and evening lid looks.

“Same thing as lipstick, light colors in general,” said Meade. “Smokey eyes are good for night time. I love nude and glittery shades.”

Summer is the ideal time for women to loosen the load off their faces. It’s more appropriate to wear little to no makeup and to feel confident while doing so.

But if you are someone who wears makeup daily, Meade has suggestions for that as well.

“If you can tell you are wearing makeup there is too much. But even with more extreme looks you don’t want your skin to look cakey,” she added. “Just be sure you do your makeup in natural light so you can make sure there isn’t too much blush or shadow.”

Besides makeup tips to last throughout summer, Dollface has additional tips for keeping up your curls in the heat.

For those who prefer styling your hair with a curling iron or any heated curl set, avoid hairspray or too much product that will weigh the hair, thus the curls, down.

“I do my hair according to the weather and climate,” Meade said. “If I am in a humid place, I avoid styles that are down and curly. I also try to keep my hair off of my neck when it is hot.”

The beauty guru added that as far as hair color, summer is a difficult time to maintain those fun and colorful hues.

“Reds and bright colors are hard to hold onto through the summer because sun, salt, and chlorine will fade them,” she added.

Deep conditioning treatments are available in almost all drug stores and are just another way to ensure your hair stays healthy throughout the beach, pool and other sun exposed activities of summer.

For more makeup or hair tutorials be sure to check out Meade, aka Cherry Dollface, on YouTube or her website. Her beauty blog offers more detailed instructions for makeup and hair enthusiasts:, or

And if one of her many hair or makeup tutorials seems too advanced, keep trying. Nothing is achieved by giving up, so keep plugging away at it. Even Meade had to have patience when she first started and now she’s an Internet beauty guru for women across the globe.

“I would look at a photo and sit and work at it until I figured out how to do it,” Meade said.

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