An Americana experience at Polly’s Pies

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Hungry, jubilant customers occupy the comfy, vintage leather booths and wooden tables. Portraits of people and businesses well-known for their contributions to the restaurant adorn the floral-patterned walls. Mason jar lights hanging from the ceiling add a unique essence to the diner.

At Polly’s Pies, the Americana feel and atmosphere is matched with a casual, pleasant dining experience.

Located on North Raymond Avenue in Fullerton, the small family company has been serving its signature dishes and pies for more than 40 years.

Polly’s Pies is owned by brothers Don and Eddie Sheldrake. The Fullerton location is the first Polly’s within this franchise.

Today, there are 15 locations throughout Southern California, including Huntington Beach, La Mirada and Norco.

According to the restaurant’s website, the name Polly was chosen in honor of Polly Martin, the newborn daughter of Polly’s Pies’ first manager, and because the restaurant’s handles were shaped like the letter “P”

At Polly’s Pies, customers can enjoy a wide variety of dishes during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For breakfast, there are many egg combos and omelettes to choose from. The Spinach Scramble is just one; it is made up of eggs blended with seasoned, sauteed spinach, bacon, mushrooms and sausage, and then topped with shredded jack cheese.

The Denver Scramble consists of eggs with sauteed diced ham steak, green and red bell peppers, and onions.

Their ABC Omelette is made up of avocado, cheddar cheese, Cherrywood Smoked Bacon, mushrooms and green onions.

Customers can also order the traditional Eggs Benedict, which comes with two poached eggs served over ham on English muffin halves, and then topped with hollandaise sauce.

Another popular breakfast dish at Polly’s is the Belgian waffle combo. The waffles are served with eggs, three strips of cherrywood smoked bacon or three sausage links, and hash browns. The combo comes with your choice of tea or coffee. A glass of orange juice costs $1.99 with free refills.

One thing to note about this combo is that the maple syrup isn’t your typical classic Aunt Jemima syrup. The syrup served with the Belgian waffles is less sweet, but still has an adequate amount of flavor.

For lunch and dinner, customers can enjoy numerous burger and sandwich combos, such as the Mushroom swiss burger, pepper jack burger and the old-fashioned chicken salad sandwich.

Each item comes with a fresh glass of strawberry lemonade and a side of fries or Kona chips.

The Pollymelt is made up of a grilled beef patty covered in grilled sweet onions, topped with cheddar or Swiss cheese and served on rye bread.

The zesty grilled chicken sandwich consists of a grilled tender chicken breast topped with lettuce, tomato and Ms. Polly’s spicy dressing on a cracked wheat bun.

If you’re looking for more of a hearty, “mom’s cooking” dish, Polly’s Pies offers a number of home-style dinners, like their famous “handmade” chicken pie.

It is made with lean chicken combined with savory gravy, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, carrots, sweet onions and potatoes, baked in a pie crust. This dish is served with “skin-on” mashed potatoes and gravy, and freshly baked rolls.

Other home-style dinners include the traditional roasted turkey dinner, hearty country chicken fried steak and their BBQ ribs.

Although the restaurant features many mouthwatering meals, its pies are what put them on the map.

Pies are a major staple for this classic all-American diner.

The blackberry apple, the caramel custard crisp and Polly’s own Banberry pies are what make the restaurant an attraction.

Simply put, these are not your average store-bought pies.

There are also sugar-free pies available as well, such as the the cherry and lemon pies, to name a few.

Many customers purchase whole pies for special occasions, especially during the holidays.

Whole pies range from $7.99 to $9.99. Customers can also buy them by the slice for dessert. A single slice ranges from $2.99 to $3.99.

While prices may seem a bit high, Polly’s Pies portion sizes are very generous. One slice takes up an entire medium-sized plate.

The diner gets especially busy during lunch and dinner hours, but the atmosphere always remains calm and intimate.

Polly’s Pies is a very welcoming place for all ages looking to enjoy a wide range of country-style foods and spending time with loved ones.

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