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As graduation approaches, students might be filled with uncertainty of what the next step is in life and they can also be frightened of stepping in to the “real world.”

Jimmy Huynh, 20, a business administration and finance major, is one of those students that will be graduating this week.

But for Jimmy walking out to the unexpected world does not seem so challenging and this can be due to the fact that he has a job lined up after college.

Jimmy was not studious his first two years in high school and did not receive the best grades. At that point, he did not believe he was someone who could go to college and his main goal was simply to get a high school diploma.

“I was once a failure, I never cared about the school system. I never thought I would be as smart as anyone else in the class,” said Jimmy.

Jimmy said although other students would be getting As he would get Fs.

Yet, everything changed for Jimmy as he became motivated by his older brother Johnny. Jimmy said he saw his brother Johnny do much better in school, he was getting scholarships, awards and honor degrees.

“I always looked up to him as being a more of educated person, I was just following … but making it my own still,” Jimmy said.

Wanting to compete with his brother, he decided to do better in school.

Johnny Huynh, 22, a student at UC Riverside and Jimmy’s older brother said their competitiveness has always existed and fueled good things for them.

“Our tough-love and competitive relationship has really driven us to achieve our goals and also learn from each other,” Johnny said.

Jimmy took extra steps during his remaining time in high school to qualify for college.

“I tried harder, I worked harder and I retook the classes that I failed,” Jimmy said.

Jimmy said this different attitude helped him and as he began taking classes at Cal State Fullerton, he decided to change.

“This is a new start, this a fresh beginning for me, it’s pretty much my time to shine.” Jimmy remembers telling himself.

Jimmy made a 360-degree transformation, since he is now graduating from Cal State Fullerton cum laude and in three years.

Johnny also noticed Jimmy’s accomplishments and change.

“When he got into college … he took it seriously, to overall accomplish his goals,” he said.

When it came to choosing his career, Jimmy always knew he was drawn to a certain career.

Ever since he was younger Jimmy admired the job of a banker, he remembered going with his parents to the bank and desiring that career.

Yet Jimmy knew he had to start somewhere so he began working at Burger King as a cashier and after three months there he felt comfortable, so he decided to expand and applied at Sears.

At Sears, Jimmy became a cashier and once again exceeded all his expected duties.

During the holidays when there was a push to sell credit cards Jimmy said he impressed his bosses.

Naturally, Jimmy felt that the next step because of his familiarity with credit cards system was working for Disney Visa Reward Cards which was affiliated with J.P. Morgan and Chase.

In his time working with Disney, Jimmy would stand in Downtown Disney being the brand ambassador.

Jimmy helped promote the Visa credit card and assisted guests while they signed up for it.

Jimmy received recognition and awards for his work with Disney and was successful there.

Jimmy worked there while he was still attending the university at CSUF.

“He’s a very hard worker, going to school and working at the same time, is definitely hard, I couldn’t do that,” said Johnny, who is also graduating this year from UC Riverside with a bachelor’s degree in science.

With his continual achievements in his previous jobs, Jimmy decided to go for his goal and dream job.

Jimmy decided to look for the job in the field he had always wanted and began looking in to financial institutions.

Jimmy said he saw a lot of positions for teller and since that was one of the jobs that he wanted to be when he was a young child.

He applied for a job as a teller.

Bank of America was one of the places which Jimmy applied to, and he got the job.

He has currently worked at Bank of America for almost two years.

“I told my manager, ‘Hey, look, I’m successful at this role I want to expand. I want to be in the actual true job that I always wanted to be was as a personal banker,’” said Jimmy.

At that point, Jimmy applied for the job, was interviewed, passed the assessment test.

And accepted the job of a personal banker after he graduates CSUF.

Amado Perez, 28, one of Jimmy’s co-workers at Bank of America said he is happy for his promotion.

“(Jimmy’s) always friendly, always smiling … there’s no one at the office that has anything bad to say about Jimmy if anything we all look up to Jimmy just for his friendliness, his character and his overall work ethic,” Perez said.

Jimmy credits CSUF in helping him land the job that he has as a teller currently at Bank of America.

He encourages others to give back to their community.

“I recommend everyone to always contribute back to the community while you’re working, that’s one of the true passions that I’ve had, I think I’ve have and that’s one of the things that really helped me become the person I am,” Jimmy said.

With the spirit and passion that landed him his dream job as a personal banker, Jimmy is once again looking ahead to bigger things.

As Jimmy works for Bank of America as a personal banker, he will pursue his M.B.A. at UC San Diego.

Although he reached his dream goal Jimmy said he now hopes to go further and work for the finance department in corporate for Bank of America.

This is the attitude Jimmy wants to have in order to impact others.

“Even though I may not tell him often, I really admire Jimmy’s mentality in life,” Johnny said. “When I look at Jimmy, I see a good man with a bright future ahead.”

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