Titans unwind in natural oasis

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A fresh, cool breeze makes its way through dirt trails.

Jennifer Nguyen / Daily Titan
Jennifer Nguyen / Daily Titan

The paths are aligned with bright poppies, dandelions, orchids and milkweed blossoms. Some are surrounded by prickly cacti.

A mother duck and her ducklings are nestled at the edge of a large pond, where numerous turtles can be found swimming peacefully in the cool water.

Established in 1979 and located at the north end of campus, the Arboretum is a nature getaway right in Cal State Fullerton’s backyard.

Students settle on the numerous benches under the shades of redwood groves and palm trees, kicking back and unwinding on the green lawns.

They hike and stroll through the “desert oasis” and the Channel Island gardens.

Others taking advantage of the tranquil gardens in between their busy class schedules and workload is a common sight here, particularly during finals week.

And the Arboretum isn’t just for its Titan neighbors either.

Many people throughout Orange County, as well as surrounding communities, have visited and explored the botanical gardens throughout the years.

Elementary school field trips are occasionally held at the Arboretum as well.

Young children get to take part in walking around and observing the different environments during their visit.

Children learn about the wide variety of plant species and working on activities related to what they encounter.

The Arboretum staff works each day to maintain and take care of the grounds for visitors as well as occasional events.

Yoga classes, nature photography classes, cooking classes and special dinners have also been held at the Arboretum.

Overall, this 26-acre sanctuary has something for everyone looking to unwind and be in touch with nature.

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