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Gals vampy fall fashion
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1. Versatile Windbreaker
College students tend to stick to basic fashion essentials that can be worn without thought. Take a hoody for instance. You wake up and you’re already late for class. Basketball shorts, check. Vans, check. And you instantly grab that unwashed hoody many of your classmates have identified you with. Can you blame them? You’ve worn it every day for the past week.

Try something new this fall semester with outerwear that can also be the next go-to wardrobe item.

Windbreakers are a casual way to spice up your daily attire. These jackets are fashion forward and practical. Many Windbreakers feature adjustable hoods, fastening collars and elastic waistband and cuffs.

Not to mention, the synthetic construction provides a longer-lasting wear life. Don’t worry about your color palette selection. Neutral or vibrant, these athletic jackets can easily complement a formal or casual outfit.

2. Fabric blocking
Color blocking, meaning different colored fabrics sewn together, became a major trend in spring 2012. This season calls for a much more advanced approach to the color blocking technique. Progressing from the outplayed two or more colored compilation is fabric blocking, or combining different textures into a clothing item.

In men’s fashion, the fabric blocking technique is practiced on sleeves, pockets, and outerwear. For example, a thick cotton grey sweater is contrasted with lighter polyester printed sleeves.

Fabric blocking is common through fall outerwear, such as overcoats and leather jackets. A wool jacket with leather sleeves and hood is a fall essential for those who can’t quite pull off the greaser slicked back hair and leather jacket look.

3. Plaid
This past summer brought in many variations of camo print. While this popular trend is projected to linger for many seasons to come, we’re greeted with an older pattern: plaid.

It comes and goes, but this time it’s back in a much more refined way. While women are implementing plaid patterns to form a grungy street outfit, men are using this trend to sport a tailor-made look.

Although plaid may be one of the oldest fashion trends to date, its revival is still new. Embrace plaid’s resurrection with tartan and checkered patterned wool blazers, scarves and flannels.

Plaid also makes great a subtle accessory such as crew socks, bags and caps.

When choosing a plaid piece, go for dark tones of red, green and brown. The beauty of this trend is that it’s mostly interpreted through a thick fabric, such as wool and tweed, which will come in handy during the windy fall semester.


1. Bright athletic shoes
Between juggling school, a part-time job and an internship, finding time or energy to work out can be difficult. Motivation can be lost once you get home after a long day and you’re greeted by that cushiony couch.

While a 5-hour Energy shot or a Monster may be an easy fix for a jolt of energy, it’s not the healthiest way to go about it.

However, looking good is an age-old secret that tends to motivate women. ‘If you look good, you feel good.’ Simple enough?

This new school semester brings a wave of bright-colored kicks. Don’t settle for just any knock-off brand shoe. You may need to splurge when it comes to running shoes. Although shoes such as the Nike Free Runs or New Balance Minimus are hefty in price range, they’re definitely worth the cost.

2. Tomboy fashion
There’s nothing more liberating than soaking in the sun and catching that rare gust of wind in your pleated, strapless summer dress. Throw one on and a down in the dumps day takes a complete 180.

Girly clothes, like a sundress, can make women feel more confident and simply happy. However, a sundress won’t fly especially during those windy September days or under October gloom. Floral patterns and a sunless sky just doesn’t mix.

Nothing screams self-confidence than a girl who can rock guys clothing better than he can.

Tomboy fashion has been seen on celebrities such as Kristen Stewart, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. From baggy jeans to casual snapback hats, high top sneakers to loose fitted basic tees, this once gawked at trend has become the hottest trend.

When styling these masculine pieces, make sure to implement a few girly details. For example, sport distressed jeans, a pair of Chuck Taylors and glam it up with a fitted motorcycle leather jacket and a suede-fringed purse.

It’s all about blending masculine and feminine pieces together to make a laid-back rocker look.

3. Vampy colors
Bid farewell to summer pastels and floral patterns. Fall is in full effect and what better way to celebrate the season than with dark, vampy colors.

While many of you stayed true to the Teen Wolf, Twilight or The Vampire Diaries blood-sucking trend throughout summer, it became an uncomfortable statement during those above 90 degree afternoons. But cheers to anyone who stuck to their leather jacket even under the tumultuous July heat.

Implement dark tones such as black, grey, forest green and dark blue throughout your entire outfit.

Go for a gothic look or a tough grungy female look. Modernize these outfits, which can easily be misinterpreted as a Halloween costume, by lightening the load of your makeup. Go for a naked eye and mauve lip. This will not only brighten your facial features, it will tone down that Elvira-inspired color palette.

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