Funny or Die’s Oddball Comedy Fest comes to Irvine

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Courtesy of Comedy Central
Courtesy of Comedy Central

Dave Chappelle and New Zealand’s comedy-folk duo, Flight of the Conchords, double-headlined the sold out Funny Or Die Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival Sept. 15 at the Irvine Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.

Stand-up comedian Brody Stevens hosted the second stage, which showcased low-profile, local comedians who warmed up the audience.

Jeffrey Ross, also known as The Roast Master General, hosted the main stage and entertained the audience throughout the night. Kristin Schaal (Flight of the Conchords) really got the crowd’s juices flowing with her Vagina Monologue-inspired bit, called the Taintalogues.

Comedians such as Donnell Rawlings (Chappelle’s Show), professed his fondness for Paula Deen and Chris D’Elia (Whitney) stood out as a crowd favorite with his impression of a drunk girl.

Hannibal Buress, known for his stand-up comedy albums, My Name is Hannibal and Animal Furnace, recounted the time he peed himself while on ecstasy and decided to just “dance it off.”

Definitely one of the funniest visuals all night.

Demetri Martin (Important Things with Demetri Martin) walked on stage to a huge round of applause.

His impeccable timing and mix of one-liners landed well with the audience.

Al Madrigal (The Daily Show) stereotyped Mexican party supply stores.

“Looking for a Dora the Explorer piñata? Well, we have something very similar,” Madrigal said in his “Barrio Geppetto” accent. “We have Stacey the Spelunker. She explores mostly caves.”

Australian stand-up comedian Jim Jefferies compared his young son to a cigarette.

“I like to hold them for five minutes, then think about how they’re killing me,” Jeffries joked. He took a stance on gun control saying that he’s all for muskets because they give you time to calm down.

Jefferies’ bit on South African amputee Olympic sprinter, Oscar Pistorius, got the biggest laugh of the night.

After a short intermission, Flight of the Conchords hit the stage to a boisterous applause. The duo played classics like “Hurt Feelings” and “Business Time.”

But for a comedy troupe that are known for their songs, their banter was the highlight. The on-stage chemistry between Bret and Jemaine was priceless.

During a new song, they had to stop because Jemaine screamed as if something had bitten or stung him in the back.

This opened up some of the funniest dialogue of the night. “The Irvine Incident,” as Jemaine called it, made for a memorable performance.

The anticipation had built all night. Dave Chappelle finally came onto the stage, and he didn’t disappoint.

Though his energy fluctuated throughout his set, the audience didn’t  flinch. Everyone hung on his every word.

He hit hard with his Boys n the Hood inspired shtick on male-rape and how there was no comfort in feeding his children “Integrity Sandwiches” after his departure from his show.

He looked somewhat weathered at times, sitting down, wiping the sweat off his head, but always with a cigarette in hand.

However, Chapelle remained in control of the show.

Chappelle extended his set, despite the promoters urging him to leave the stage by 11:30 p.m. or else he’d be fined.

It was 11:29, Chappelle and the crowd sat there, waiting to the very last second. At 11:30, Chappelle thanked the crowd and walked off to a much deserved standing ovation.

A night consisting of 6 hours of comedy that appeals to a diverse crowd is rare, and to see such a diverse line-up in a comedy show is even more rare, but the Oddball Comedy Festival delivered without overshooting or falling short.

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