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Courtesy of Cal State Fullerton
Courtesy of Cal State Fullerton

Many Cal State Fullerton faculty and staff members perform good deeds that may go unnoticed by students, but some of those members were recently recognized as outstanding by the school.

The winners were nominated by peers in their respective departments.

CSUF staff members, Sue Fisher, Cheng Lee and Josh Loudon were honored with the Titan Excellence Award, along with 31 others.

Fisher has been a member of the CSUF staff for over 20 years and said she still loves what she does.

Fisher works in the department of the University Police as an emergency management coordinator.

“I was honored and surprised both at the same time,” Fisher said. “In fact I thought there was someone else from our department that was going to get the award.”

As part of her job, Fisher helps plan for emergency situations on campus.

She is one of three staff members in the University Police Department.

“I think one of the things that’s working in the police department has done for me personally is that, they exemplify everyday what dedication is and how much the teamwork aspect of things makes a huge difference in what you do every day,” Fisher said.

Lee is the technical liaison for the IT department and handles technological concerns. He has worked for the campus for five years.

He fixes items for faculty, staff members and any other administration needs.

“It’s never boring. Everyday is different,” Lee said.

When Lee is called to a problem, he resolves it and has hence been known as a “problem solver” in the tech area on campus.

“I was surprised because in my line of work I usually only help one person at a time, whereas winners in the past … their work either affected lots of students or lots of staff,” Lee said.

Loudon is a student adviser and has been working professionally with the university for two years.

He began working with CSUF as a graduate student and found his calling for helping students during that time.

“I kind of fell into academic advising, I did my master’s in anthropology here,” Loudon said. “(Advising) ended up being something that I really loved.”

As a student adviser, Loudon helps many students stay on the graduation path.

Being an adviser wasn’t what he went to school for, but it just seemed like a perfect fit for him.

Loudon is one of the newest members of the staff to receive this award.

“It was a very nice surprise,” Loudon said. “Your director or supervisor nominates you, and so they were doing this all without me knowing. It was kind of nice to be awarded something by surprise.”

All of the staff and faculty winners have worked hard to achieve success.

Throughout the hard work, many staff members still enjoy what they do.

“I love the fact that I get to work with different students every day,” Loudon said. “I really enjoy making a difference on the campus.”

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