Dance Gavin Dance performs fan favorites and songs off their latest album Acceptance Speech

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Photo courtesy of Dance Gavin Dance
Photo courtesy of Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance fans lined up outside The Glass House in Pomona to see the band play Sept. 29. Supporting acts including bands Life Down Here, Incredible’ Me, Stolas and Abandon All Ships.

If you were to ask fans how to describe the band’s sound, they would have difficulty finding a single definition.

Concert attendee Anthony Gomez, 19, described the band’s earlier sound, with frontman Jonny Craig, as post-hardcore and experimental.

“But once (he) left the band and Kurt Travis joined, it was more like a psychedelic band,” Gomez said. “There’s less screams and breakdowns.”

Macario Gutierrez, 28, said Dance Gavin Dance’s new sound is experimental with elements of post-hardcore, pop and rap.

“They reminded me a lot of At the Drive-In. It was like At the Drive-In on the next level,”  Gutierrez said.

Even with the band’s missed ex-vocalists, Alejandra Alfaro, 19, said she was looking forward to see Pearson, Dance Gavin Dance’s current frontman. Pearson, former band member of Tides of Man, joined Dance Gavin Dance in August 2012.

Current members include Pearson, Jon Mess (screams), Will Swan (screams/rapping/guitar), Josh Benton (guitar), Tim Feerick (bass) and Matt Mingus (drums).

The band opened the concert with “Alex English” from Dance Gavin Dance’s self-titled album. The audience energy increased when the band played “Lemon Meringue Tie” from Downtown Battle Mountain.

In light of concert tradition, some concert-goers crowd surfed to the front, while others pressed closer to the barricade with pumping fists.

During the show, Mess said that the band will be releasing a new album titled Acceptance Speech on Oct. 8. The band followed the announcement with two songs from the album.

The band also played “The Robot with Human Hair, Pt. 4,” the first single from Acceptance Speech that streamed online back in July.

Pearson introduced the next song off Acceptance Speech called “Jesus H. Macy.” Many fans were unfamiliar with the song since Dance Gavin Dance didn’t stream it until the day after the show, Sept. 30.

Mess started “Jesus H. Macy” with screams while Pearson stood with his back turned to the crowd. Pearson grooved to the music until his part came in almost a minute later. He faced the crowd and delivered high note-hitting vocals.

Before Dance Gavin Dance played fan favorite “Uneasy Hearts Weigh the Most” from their self-titled album, Mess said the song needed no introduction.

Attendees cheered along the distinguishable introductory riffs. Any die-hard Dance Gavin Dance fan easily recognized the song within the first few seconds.

The band ended the night with Downtown Battle Mountain’s “And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman” for its encore.

Fans left The Glass House pleased with the newest lead vocalist’s performance.

“Tilian (Pearson) surprised me. I mean, even with Jonny (Craig’s songs), he actually did a really good job … I think he killed it, I’m really impressed,” Anthony Allen, 21, said.

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