Eclectic rock band to perform at Becker Amphitheater

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Courtesy of Boom Boom Boom
Courtesy of Boom Boom Boom

Hailing from Los Angeles, Boom Boom Boom is set to perform at the Becker Amphitheater Wednesday at noon.

The five-piece group fuses blues, alternative rock and other genres. Its members are Joe Greene (vocals and guitar), Marlon Grace (percussion), Dylan Cooper (bass), Tamir Barzilay (percussion) and Trevor Menear (guitar).

After random run-ins with each other at Hollywood gigs and through musical acquaintances, it was only a matter of time until the members eventually came together and formed a band.

“(Joe and Marlon) decided to put a show together playing Joe’s original tunes,” Cooper said. “But they wanted a bass player. Marlon knew me from another project, so he asked if I’d like to do some rehearsals for a gig at the Viper Room. It felt so good, so we just kept playing.”

After adding Barzilay and Menear, the group became a “big knucklehead family,” Cooper said.

The band prides themselves on their musical technicalities as well as their raw stage presence.

“It’s always a challenge to capture a vibe in the studio (because) we are a live band, and we feed off the energy of the crowd,” Cooper said. “We stomp and clap and shout and sing.”

Through several studio and casual jam sessions, the members of Boom Boom Boom have added their unique musical styles which has developed into a well-versed, distinctive sound.

Their musical influences include an array of jazz, blues and hip-hop artists such as John Lee Hooker, The Pharcyde and Miles Davis.

These influences play in part to their eclectic sound, which is a testament to the interpretation of jazz and raw lyricism of the blues.

The band carries the dynamism of Cachao Lopez, who helped popularize mambo; the upbeat stage presence of hip-hop duo Outkast, who possess an eclectic musical palette; and the authenticity of Gary Clark Jr., famous for mixing blues with rock ‘n’ roll.

Boom Boom Boom’s diverse lifestyles are openly heard in their spirited tunes.

In self-produced albums such as Of Bricks and Wood (2011) and Elevator Music (2010), their sound has evolved into a hybrid of the expressive blues improvisation with the animated liveliness of hip-hop grooves.

“Joe gets some words together and we start to beat it out until it feels good. We improvise a lot, but we always make sure to get down,” Cooper said.

Both “Detonate” and “Shake” from their first album, Elevator Music, showcases Boom Boom Boom’s laid-back yet gritty sound.

The song focuses in on the aggressive urban nature of Los Angeles, but still has the soothing eccentricity of Southern California.

Without the pressures to adhere to a contract with a major record label, the band blooms with originality.

Of Bricks and Wood delves into soulful roots, and engages the genuine melancholic grooves.

Tunes like “Bumble Bee” leave a stinging desire for more bluesy harmonica.

The group will release a new record.

“Out Loud,” the album’s first single, is available for free download on online music store Bandcamp.

“It is definitely our best to date,” Cooper said.

When Boom Boom Boom isn’t regularly performing at the Piano Bar in Hollywood or at The Escondite in downtown Los Angeles, they are on tour.

In the past, they have been to San Francisco, Colorado Springs, New York, Baltimore and Miami.

For additional info and upcoming show dates, visit the band’s Facebook page, and their website,

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