“A” restaurants excel on campus

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On campus, there are five restaurants that currently have an “A” rating: Carl’s Jr., Fresh Kitchen, Round Table, Togo’s and Panda Express.

Restaurants that have earned an “A” from the health inspector have not experienced major violations, only minor violations such as unlabeled food containers and minor maintenance problems.

According to section 113821 of the California Retail Food Code, a major violation is considered an “imminent health hazard and warrants immediate closure or other corrective action.” Section 113827 states that a minor violation is a violation that doesn’t pose a pressing health hazard, but does need correction.

In order to receive an “A” grade, restaurants must score at least 93 points of 100 possible said Cal State Fullerton Environmental Health Officer Justine Baldacci, who inspects restaurants on campus.

A few “A” restaurants use their own set of strict company guidelines in addition to the university’s safety requirements to ensure quality food handling, proper temperature and safety.

“I know that if you work as a team, it always works out better than when you’re trying to fight and have authority,” said Juice it Up manager and co-owner Ellie Silvas.

As part of company policy, Carl’s Jr. checks their temperatures four times a day.

Carl’s Jr. Manager Valerie Ramirez said when her restaurant gets inspected by Carl’s Jr. higher-ups, they even check to see if the right proportions and the right ingredients are being used.

“Since we are franchised here on campus, they are a little bit stricter with us to make sure we are going by all of the policies and procedures,” Ramirez said.

Carl’s Jr. and Juice It Up sends “secret shopper” to check on their locations.

The “secret shoppers” shows up unannounced to check whether the restaurant is using the right ingredients, proportions and using the correct uniforms.

“They send their own people in here to come and check on us. We don’t know who they are every time they send them in. Plus, we have the school here on campus that does it also,” Ramirez said.

Juice it Up In the Titan Student Union has consistently scored highly in their inspections, receiving as high as 99 points as recently as December 2011.

However, since October Juice It Up was dropped down to a “B” grade for the first time in years.

The report cited inadequate handwashing station with no paper towels, wrongly labeled food containers, drains back f lowing and inadequate air gaps throughout the facility.

Before Oct. 30, Juice It Up had 11 “A” ratings out of 14 inspections since March 24, 2006.

According to CSUF’s Environmental Health and Safety Code 6.2, on campus restaurants are inspected once per semester. If there are violations discovered during the announced inspection, a follow-up inspection will be conducted.

On Oct. 15, Fresh Kitchen was cited for improper cold holding temperatures for diced tomato, diced pepper and dressing. As a result of this violation, they were deducted five points on the inspection report and were given a “B” rating.

During the inspection, it was found the device that was being used to hold the cold food was broken due to an electrical problem.

“We fix all problems or issues before inspector leaves,” said marketing manager of campus dining, Crystal Wooldridge. “If it’s a building issue we put a work order in ASAP.”

Two days later on, Oct. 17, Fresh Kitchen was reinspected and received an “A.”

“Reinspections are conducted as needed to verify that violations have been corrected,” Baldacci said.

Management had fixed the electrical problem and the food was being stored at the correct temperature, diced tomato 37 degrees fahrenheit, diced pepper 40 degrees fahrenheit and other potentially hazardous foods were maintained at 41 degrees fahrenheit or below.

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