C rated restaurants demonstrate sanitation issues

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Three restaurants on campus were given “C” grades as of their last inspections: the Garden Cafe, Aloha Java and the Starbucks in Steven G. Mihaylo Hall.

The majority of the restaurants’ violations occurred from sanitation and holding temperature issues, according to their latest inspection reports.

The Garden Cafe was out of compliance on nine of the 40 inspection categories, with five of the nine due to lack of sanitation, according to the inspection report on Oct. 10.

Since April, the Garden Cafe has improved its one major violation, proper hand washing. The restaurant has also improved its proper cold holding temperatures. However, the proper hot holding temperature, which was previously in compliance is now out of compliance.

Aloha Java’s reports noted food contact surfaces that were not properly cleaned, cleaning solutions that were not accurately measured and poor recordkeeping of dairy items held outside of cooling/ heating holding areas.

Although Aloha Java was not cited for receiving major violations, a four-point deduction from December 2012 to August 2013 has pulled the establishment’s grade down a full letter.

According to the August report, two points were lost due to employees not having food safety certification and two points for inadequate warewashing facilities.

The lack of employee food safety certification was also noted in the December report, but no points were lost. According to California Retail Food Code, employees at temporary food service locations must demonstrate adequate knowledge of food safety principles.

The Starbucks in Steven G. Mihaylo Hall went from an “A” grade on May 1, 2013 to a “C” grade based on the most recent food inspection report from Oct. 1.

During its most recent inspection, points were deducted because food contact surfaces were not clean and all containers of sanitizing solution were of inadequate concentrations.

Points were also deducted because the front hand wash station lacked soap. Also, paper towels were exposed at the front handwash sink.

It was noted in the inspection report that paper towels need to be protected from contamination.

During both inspections, Starbucks was noted to be out of compliance for not having warm water available in the handwashing sink for employees during both inspections.

Andres Garcia and Matthew Haddix contributed to this report. 

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