Hottest sex scenes on the silver screen

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Courtesy of New Line Cinema
Courtesy of New Line Cinema

There’s no doubt that cinema has pushed boundaries and delivered some pretty steamy scenes throughout the years. Let’s recap the top five sexiest moments shown on the silver screen.

5. Pearl Harbor

Three words pretty much sum this up. The parachute scene.

It’s true, the old love and war movies get you every time. In this scene Evelyn (Kate Beckinsale) is mourning over the loss of her fiance Raff (Ben Affleck), who she believes has died in the war. She confides in Raff’s best friend Danny (Josh Hartnett). The two end up falling for each other.

This may not be the most ideal situation, but the greatness of the love scene can’t be denied.

The epic scene occurs when Danny asks Evelyn if she’s ever seen Pearl Harbor at sunset. As she hops into his lap, Danny then takes Evelyn on a romantic airplane ride at dusk.

Danny warns Evelyn. “You know I could get kicked out of the military for this?”

After landing the plane the two run to hide in the parachute hangar, where it turns into a sexy game of hide and seek.

Danny finds Evelyn as she wraps him inside one of the the parachutes, both of their bodies touching. Danny kisses Evelyn and sets her down on the cloud of chutes.

One kiss leads into a panoply of lovemaking as the two roll around. These old loving war stories keep us coming back for more every time.

4. Black Swan 

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis’ steamy sex scene in Black Swan lands them at No. 4. In this scene Nina Sayers (Portman), a highly trained ballet dancer, goes out for a wild night with her fellow dancer and rival, Lily (Kunis).

The scene involves the pair going for a crazy night out, taking ecstasy and dancing at a club. The two then head back to Nina’s room, which will turn into a rather eerie, curious, yet hot sex scene. Nina turns around and starts kissing Lily.

The scene rapidly leads straight into Lily performing oral sex on Nina. As this is happening, Nina looks up at Lily and finds a tattoo of bird wings on Lily’s back that weren’t initially there. She then looks up again, and Lily has turned into Nina. This crazy, hallucinogenic sequence ties into the rest of this chilling movie as Nina evolves into the character of the black swan. Nina gets in touch with not only her good side, but also her promiscuous nature.

3. Desperado

Ranking in at No. 3 is the second installment of the El Mariachi trilogy. It seems Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek really know just how to make an intense scene.

Out of the many sex scenes shown throughout the movie, the one that is most memorable is when El Mariachi (Banderas) and a beautiful Carolina (Hayek) make love in a room lit with candles, setting a romantic atmosphere. And did we forget to add the way he rolls the spur of his boot along Hayek’s body? The foreplay action is an arousing tease that takes sexy to a whole new level.

2. Basic Instinct

Taking it back to 1992 with this erotic thriller starring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone, there are a few sex scenes in Basic Instinct that are sure to leave you wondering how it ever reached theaters.

The film is about police detective Nick Curran (Douglas) who is investigating the murder of a rock star. During the investigation, Curan begins to have an affair with the prime suspect, Catherine Tramell (Stone). In that time, Tramell and Curan can’t seem to satiate their lust, and they have a few sexual escapades. From the couch to the bedroom scenes, the film is sure to leave the viewer’s jaw hanging.

1. The Notebook 

With its blend of sexiness and romance, this romantic novel adaptation takes the No. 1 spot. There’s no doubt that there’s just something about Rachel McAdams that we can’t get over, and need we say how beautiful Ryan Gosling is?

In this scene, Allie (McAdams) and Noah (Gosling) reunite after years of not hearing from each other after their summer romance as teenagers. Still in love, the two go on a romantic boat ride when it, of course, starts to rain.

After pulling the boat back in, Allie asks Noah why he never wrote her after their summer of falling in love, to which he replies that he wrote her for 365 days. The two then go inside the house, where Noah throws Allie up against the wall and kisses her as she undresses him. With both their bodies wet from the rain, he then carries her to the bed where they make love to each other. This scene showcased a relatable feeling of being away from a loved one for so long and finally rekindling a fire, or in this case, a white-hot, burning passion.

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