Review: Homefront, predictable yet satisfying

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Courtesy of Homefront
Courtesy of Homefront

Starring Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder and Kate Bosworth, Homefront delivers more than just an action packed script with an A-list cast.

The action/crime thriller, directed by Gary Fleder, incorporates just the right amount of blood, punches and classic all-American feel good scenes.

The opening sequence is a fast-paced scene with a collection of explosions and blood, which quickly engages the audience.

The book-to-film adaptation, originally written by author Chuck Logan, stars Statham as Phil Broker, a widowed father and ex-DEA agent who moves to a small town after one of his missions takes an unexpected turn for the worse.

After Broker’s daughter becomes involved in a playground scuff le, the quaint, small town they settled into begins to change its rural countryside scenery into a pulverized collection of knockout scenes.

Statham portrays the hardened single-father whose only mission is to protect his little girl Maddy from drug lord Morgan “Gator” Bodine (Franco) and his sidekick Sheryl Marie Mott (Ryder).

Broker’s relationship with his daughter is compassionate and warm.

She brings out a sensitive side in him, which serves as a sharp contrast to his tough-guy attitude all the men in town despise.

As an ex-DEA agent, druglord Gator has his eyes set on preventing Broker from interfering with his work.

Although Gator knows Broker is searching for a retired country lifestyle, he is taking no chances.

However, Franco’s portrayal of a drug lord and villain is not convincing, which is surprising for an actor known for his role as a lazy, no-life drug dealer in Pineapple Express. 

Ryder plays a disheveled and drugged-out temptress, who uses her sexuality to work as a middleman to take out Broker.

She has a limited script, which is probably in the best interest of the film.

Statham is a man of few words in this film. He does most of his talking with his fists and serious glares into the eyes of those out to get him.

The actor brings to mind other classic action actors like Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone: hard-nosed and packing a powerful punch. Gator, not fearing Broker, continues with very immediate and calculated measures of elimination.

With the attempted hits on Broker growing more calculated and aggressive, time is running out for him to take care of them, once and for all.

Other characters in the film bring a multifaceted approach to the typical action f lick.

Bosworth’s mother displays the ex-drunkard stereotype, but finds redemption in the film.

The final showdown brings the pursuit of vengeance to a crushing halt and leaves the viewer ref lecting more on the lives of the other characters while accepting fate.

Broker remains frigid and expressionless throughout the film, yet he is still likable; his compassion for his daughter makes him relatable. Casting Statham as the leading male is this movie’s best fit.

For those seeking to watch an action-packed thriller with an unusually blended cast of actors, Homefront is their film.

There are no dramatic plot twists or confusing details to keep up with.

The plot twists are believable and familiar.

Instead, you can count on a predictable, yet enjoyable film that might not keep you on the edge of your seat, but will leave you satisfied.

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