“The Shade” performs free concert on campus for public.

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Since The Shade’s debut into the music world in 2007, they have played a list of local venues including The Prospector in Long Beach and the House of Blues in Anaheim. Courtesy of The Shade
Since The Shade’s debut into the music world in 2007, they have played a list of local venues including The Prospector in Long Beach and the House of Blues in Anaheim.
Courtesy of The Shade

The Shade, born out of a trailer parked outside one of the band members’ parents’ house, comes to the Becker Amphitheater with its indie/rock/pop style music, hoping to one day break through to the mainstream music scene.

The band has been producing music since 2007 and its members were born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area.

They find influence for their songs from their experiences together as a band, the people they meet and the coffee they drink.

Stephen Zuniga, the singer and guitarist of the band, and his bandmates are committed to producing great music and having fun while doing so.

“Our musical influences are constantly changing. Right now we’ve been into 16-bit video game music and coffee,” Zuniga said. “We hope (the audience) sees why it’s important to stay in school and Jon’s shiny drum kit.”

The band’s Facebook has over 900 likes and demonstrates the close knit relationship of a band that is passionate about the music they produce through the hundreds of photos on their page.

Over time, they have not only formed a band but a brotherhood as well.

“We’ve all agreed that it would be cool to be in a rock band,” Zuniga said. “It’s a brotherhood we share.”

The band has played at various local venues including the House of Blues in Anaheim and The Prospector in Long Beach.

They have high hopes for the future, with plans to expand their music base and get their music out on the airwaves.

“A year from now we plan on having our sophomore album out with a single on the radio,” Zuniga said.

Bryan Escalante, Associated Students Inc. Productions’ Wednesday concert series coordinator and senior broadcast journalism major, sourced the band from one of his coworkers within ASIP.

“One of my sound technicians recommended the band to me. I work with a great team of coordinators, directors, assistants and a sound crew that has a wide range of musical tastes,” Escalante said. “I like to mix it up every week. I checked out the band’s sites and their music and I loved their sound. They’re an awesome rock band and I figured they’d be a great fit for the Becker.”

Escalante said he supports many up-and-coming bands of varying genres. He wants to promote not only the band but the Becker Amphitheater in the best possible light.

“I’m always open to suggestions from anyone and everyone,” Escalante said. “I get lots of email submissions and recommendations from peers and students. It’s hard to put every band on the schedule, but I like to bring the bands and artists that are well established online and in the social media. This show brings attention to these established and up-and-coming artists and also showcases our venue, the Becker Amphitheater.”

The Shade will perform an hour long set today at noon. As always, the show is free to the public.

To learn more about the band and follow their musical journey, find The Shade on Facebook.com/WelcomeToTheShade and on YouTube.com/TheShadeMusic1.

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