Business Inter-Club Council students clean up trash, cigarette butts at Mihaylo Hall

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(Mariah Carrillo / Daily Titan)

The Business Inter-Club Council (BICC) is doing their part to make Cal State Fullerton a little cleaner. Members picked up trash in and around the orange groves next to the College of Business and Economics last Thursday.

The idea to clean up the area came to BICC President Lydia Wang after passing through the groves to her business classes from the parking structure and seeing cigarette butts “everywhere,” Wang said.

Even with a campuswide smoking ban since last August, the benches in between the orange groves has remained a popular spot with smokers. As a result, cigarette butts continue to litter the seating area within the groves.

As president of a business club, Wang said she believes that the trash reflects poorly on the college behind it. She decided to do something about it, and enlisted the help of her executive board.

BICC is composed of 10 executive board members and about 20 representatives from every club within the College of Business and Economics.

The 10 executive board members met up, distributed gloves and bags and went to work.

“All of our students are from Mihaylo,” Wang said. “I think it was a really great way for them to contribute back.”

While there are plans to do this again this semester with all of their members, Wang said she doesn’t want this to be a regular activity. Instead, the council hopes that this effort helps make a statement to their fellow students.

“I really hope that I don’t have to do it again, just so that students can stop littering and also stop smoking on campus,” Wang said.

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  • Thank you for your effort. But the area on the north side of Mihaylo is already filling up with butts again. You are right, it reflects poorly on the business school and the university. The butts are unsightly but walking through the stench of smoke to get to class is worse. Maybe the school can enforce the smoking ban. Maybe not.

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