British charm to take over Slidebar

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After their sucess in 2014, Los Angeles-based rock band Charming Liars will play Slidebar Wednesday night. courtesy of Charming Liars
After their sucess in 2014, Los Angeles-based rock band Charming Liars will play Slidebar Wednesday night.
courtesy of Charming Liars

Downtown Fullerton’s Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen is known as one of the go-to spots for great live music in Orange County. Wednesday, Slidebar will be hosting an up-and-coming British/American rock band, Charming Liars.

Currently on a West Coast tour, the band is making stops at the hottest music scenes in California. They will play in Hollywood, San Diego and in Fullerton. The five-member group is based out of Los Angeles, but originated in London, England.

In an interview with Groovey.TV, an entertaiment website, the band said 2014 was a successful year. They dropped their second EP We Won’t Give Up, produced by the notorious Bob Rock, who has worked on albums with Metallica and Bon Jovi. Charming Liars also had the opportunity of sharing the stage with bands such as Becker, Weezer and MGMT at the Corona Capital Festival in New Mexico.

Mike Browne, Charming Liars’ spokesman, said the band is currently in the studio working on new music and set to drop their third EP early spring of 2015.

The original band members, Charlie Cosser, Karnig Manoukian and Mike Kruger, were born and raised in London. At an early age, the three shared a love and appreciation for rock music, especially the LA music scene. The teens decided to record a demo, the first step in pursuing their dreams of making it big in the states. With their demo in hand and passion in their hearts, the trio left friends, loved ones and a college education to move to LA.

“We were fighting a lot of things that were holding us back in the UK: family, relationships, dead-end jobs and deciding not to go down the path that all our friends did, which was the conventional path. We really were going to give this a go, and we have never regretted it,” Cosser wrote on the band’s official website.

Guitarist Nick Krein and drummer Zack Riel joined the band after the move to the states.

The Charming Liars is scheduled to hit Slidebar’s stage at 8 p.m. this Wednesday night with free entry. For additional shows and information of their West Coast tour, visit the band’s website at

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