Finding love on Tinder is worth a shot – take it from me

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You’re faced with the option of swiping left or right on the person of your dreams—swipe left if you’re not interested, right if you definitely are.

This is all based on a few photos each user posts on their account.

These are the features of an app receiving lots of attention today —Tinder.

Some say it’s solely used for hook-ups, while others argue it’s been a success in their dating life.

Yes, the idea of meeting people online is scary, but it’s no different than walking into a bar and spotting someone who catches your attention.

When Tinder first debuted, I was just getting out of a five-year relationship, and had no interest in downloading what I thought to be the silliest app to ever exist.

Looking back – never say never.

Flash forward to Valentine’s Day last year. I’m cooped up in bed neck deep in a tub of ice cream watching episode after episode of Sex and The City and trying to relate it to my horrible life.

I just so happened to be that girl who got dumped right before Valentine’s Day, go figure.

Sure enough, I gave in and joined Tinder. Since I was single now, what the heck?

I’m not going to sit here and pity myself. I’m going to do my thing.

My friend and I both downloaded Tinder out of curiosity, just to see what the hype was about.

Slowly but surely, we found ourselves glued to her couch, swiping through guy after guy and finding pure entertainment from it.

We were sucked into the dark side. Our inboxes were soon overflowing with the cheesiest pickup lines, straightforward guys asking to hook-up and even worse—stage-five clingers.

We decided to go on a double date with a pair of roommates. It was a fun night, but did not result in anything further than just being friends.

I realized after that night, my dating game had been a bit rusty considering I had been in a relationship since the age of 16, and needed to be more outgoing and open to new things.

The swiping continued and after swiping past all of the cute boys messaging me, I gave one promising guy, Derek, my swipe of approval.

My heart instantly fluttered for this guy and seconds later I got a notification letting me know that we matched.

I did not message him first. After receiving a multitude of messages from him asking 21 questions, he asked for my phone number.

Soon after, I was receiving daily texts and phone calls from him asking when he was going to have “the blessing of my presence.”

I had absolutely no thought of ever going on a one-on-one date with him. I just was not ready for that.

There was certainly something about this guy that attracted me to him. He would call me almost every night and we would talk for hours.

We set up dates which I always ended up canceling with a made up excuse when in reality I was simply too nervous.

Three weeks passed and Derek still persevered. I was out with some girlfriends in Beverly Hills when I happened to get a call from him, asking what I was up to that night.

By ‘coincidence,’ he was going to be right down the street from the bar I was at. Yeah, right.

Derek ended up meeting me there and stole me from my girlfriends to have some alone time. My heart was racing and I couldn’t believe we were finally face-to-face, almost a month after matching.

My girlfriends teased me the whole night, and to this day still call me “Tinderella.”

Following that night, Derek and I have spent everyday together. Our one year anniversary is next month.

Looking back, I never would have thought I would have found someone, online of all places, who inspires me and motivates me to be the best version of me.

I never would have guessed I could find happiness through an app.

I guess you can say I found love in a hopeless place.

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