Lakers star Kobe Bryant remains a crucial part of the team’s success despite injuries

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With almost two decades dedicated to professional basketball, Kobe Bryant’s mind and body have started to disintegrate.

First the knee, then the Achilles and now a torn rotator cuff. Is it time for the Black Mamba to retire his jersey?

Despite his injuries, Bryant should return and end his career the way he chooses.

The league veteran has arguably one of the most admired work ethics of any athlete known in men’s professional sports, yet his aging body seems to hold him back from his full potential.

After hearing that Bryant would be on the injury reserve yet again, the question of Bryant’s return to the game has resurfaced. Bryant has two choices: retire now and spare his body from further injury or recover and get back on the court for another season.

The last thing Laker fans want is a fourth injury for the superstar if he were to return next season, yet it’s difficult to imagine LakerNation without him.

As a Laker fan, it’s difficult to consider the idea of saying farewell to a basketball icon and understanding the physical toll of professional sports.

The NBA legend is one of the most influential basketball players of all time.

Whether you rep the purple and gold or choose another NBA team to support, basketball spectators can admit that the third all-time leading scorer has made a significant mark in the world of sports. He is a franchise player, a fearless leader and oftentimes runs the show.

The Lakers have struggled the past few seasons due to new management, new coaches and a dramatic roster change. Bryant has been the consistency the Lakers rely on.

Bryant leaving prematurely might be the end of the Laker organization.

Although Bryant is perceived as a selfish player who won’t pass the ball, it might do more harm than good not having him on the court.

When a player has had as much success as Bryant, it’s assumed that he wants to be in control of the game, and rightfully so.

The Lakers are hardly successful right now due to the current lackluster lineup, but it could be disastrous without Bryant’s leadership.

Growing up watching Bryant make game-winning shots, winning championships and breaking records created a sense of belief that he would always be around. Determining if he can return is ultimately up to Bryant himself.

He knows what his body can or cannot do and from past experience, it seems the Mamba has at least one more year left in him. It’s plainly uncharacteristic for Bryant to leave so abruptly.

Rewind to the game when Bryant shot free throws after blowing out his Achilles. Unlike other players, Bryant didn’t get carried off the court in tears, but stepped up to the free throw line, sank two shots and hobbled off the court.

Bryant won’t let an injury determine whether he can succeed.

Bryant’s injury isn’t the end of him and if he chooses so, it won’t stand the slightest chance of taking him off the court.

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