Lifting the embargo on Cuba will benefit the United States economically and more

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It’s been decades since the U.S. first placed an embargo on trade with Cuba, it’s about time that embargo was lifted.

In the ‘50s, Cuba and the U.S. had a better relationship. Unfortunately when Castro began nationalizing Cuban companies, some of which were subsidiaries of American firms, this relationship began to worsen.

It didn’t help when the U.S. found evidence that Cuba was allowing the Soviet Union to plant nuclear bombs on Cuban soil. But times are different now and there’s money to be made with Cuba.

Cuba is a worldwide tourist attraction; our prized writer Ernest Hemingway lived there for a number of years and the country gave him inspiration for what was arguably his greatest novel, The Old Man and the Sea.

Other countries are currently openly trading with Cuba; trading goods as well as tourists, and in the mean time, America stands idly by.

There is money to be made in Cuba and Americans love money.

However, there are differing opinions. Representatives of the United Nations General Assembly believe that the embargo should be left standing.

This is a difficult belief to agree with considering that when the embargo was first set in place, it was done to weaken the Cuban government during tenuous times.

Now, the embargo is really only hurting the civilian populace of Cuba.

Others argue that we shouldn’t trade with Cuba because of their form of government, but the U.S. trades with China, and that’s a communist nation.

As much as Uncle Sam would like, he cannot possibly coerce every government in the world into democracy—it can’t be done. Policing should only be done when it’s vital, like in the Middle East, and the U.S. should take of advantage of potential trading partners where there is opportunity.

There’s an economic upside that can come from trading with Cuba. The U.S. will benefit from another trade partner and Cuban citizens will have access to wholesome red, white and blue goods.

The economic benefits could just be the start. If trading goes well, the overall relationship between Cuba and the U.S. might gradually improve.

With the easing of travel restrictions, Americans will soon be able to travel to Cuba freely, spend money and conduct business there. It’ll create a new sense of camaraderie between the two countries.

After all, the actions of a dictator are not indicative of the people he rules. The people of Cuba are good people, it’s not their fault that Castro was crazy.

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