Bruce Jenner news distracts from Nepal earthquake tragedy

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Bruce Jenner's coming out as transgender unfortunately has the media downplaying the earthquake in Nepal. (Photo courtesy Flickr user City of Santa Clarita)
Bruce Jenner’s coming out as transgender unfortunately has the media downplaying the earthquake in Nepal. (Photo courtesy Flickr user City of Santa Clarita)

The continuing transition of Bruce Jenner from a man to a woman has been overwhelmingly impossible to avoid seeing, reading or hearing about. Congratulations Jenner, you’ve made headlines yet again.

The transgender community may be in pure bliss as it’s getting the light it deserves, but that exposure comes at a cost for the suffering people of Nepal. More individuals are aware of the Jenner interview than the Nepal earthquake and that’s disheartening. Media is profit driven and entertainment trumps hard news; it’s tragic.

The moment is glorious for many in Jenner’s shoes who are afraid to come out. Jenner has become a beacon of light, helping the transgender community slowly move forward and thrive. Jenner has helped send a message loud and clear—be proud of who you are, no matter what that means.

It’s definitely heartwarming to see a man who has struggled with self-esteem and self-acceptance issues finally come out to the public and be confident in the person he’s become. But his situation has taken attention away from the 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake that occurred this past Saturday. The earthquake caused an avalanche on Mount Everest and killed over 5,000 individuals, but it seems like the media was more concerned about Jenner’s feelings than the devastating natural disaster happening on the other side of the world.

Jenner is not to blame for receiving the attention he has, especially with a family like his. The Jenner-Kardashian clan making headlines is nothing new. The media is at fault. Priorities have shifted and the focus seems to be solely on entertainment than hard breaking news, the stuff that actually matters.

People across the nation should be informed of what happens around the world. The 7.8 Nepal earthquake has been said to be the worst in 80 years. There are kids, men and women left without proper housing, food and water, desperately needing assistance, but most people choose to turn a blind-eye and indulge in Jenner’s situation instead.

One famous celebrity’s news has the power to trump 5,000 dead humans and that’s utterly disappointing.

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