Proposal to rename Radio-TV-Film to be considered at Academic Senate meeting

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(Mariah Carrillo / Daily Titan)
The Academic Senate will consider a proposal to rename the Radio-TV-Film department to the Department of Cinema and Television Arts during its meeting Friday. (Mariah Carrillo / Daily Titan)

For years, the Radio-TV-Film department has provided students with the skills and resources to enter the film and television industries, but members of the department have felt that their name doesn’t match their objective.

Those members unanimously decided to change the department’s name to the Department of Cinema and Television Arts.

The new name will better reflect the department’s curriculum and areas of focus, said Garrett S. Hart, department chair and professor for the Radio-TV-Film department.

One of the issues many have with the “RTVF” moniker is the inclusion of the word “radio,” which Hart said is not an exclusive area of study within the department.

“We don’t really teach radio; we have two radio courses, so it’s really not an accurate reflection,” Hart said. “Our focus is on cinema and television.”

Members of the department used a policy statement that allows for a department to change its names as it evolves and its curricular mission changes, Hart said.

“We arrived on this name as a reflection of what we do, what we teach, and we also thought it was a pretty elegant title,” Hart said. “So we put forth a proposal to change it … it was unanimous in the department.”

The policy, UPS 100.601, requires the dean of the college requesting the change to forward the request to the vice president for Academic Affairs and the chair of the Academic Senate.

The Academic Senate chair then circulates the request to the University Curriculum Committee and Graduate Education Committee for review and opportunity for comment.

Since April 6, the Academic Senate has been reviewing the proposal, Academic Senate Chair Sean Walker said.

“If there is opposition to the proposal, the committee will have an open hearing for public discussion,” Walker wrote in an e-mail. “Once this happens, the University Curriculum Committee will make a recommendation to the chair of the Academic Senate who will then agendize it for the Senate to look at.”

If the request meets opposition but is approved by the senate, the ultimate decision will be made by the University President Mildred García, according to the name-change policy.

Along with the name change proposal, the Radio-TV-Film department has also requested to change bachelor’s degrees to bachelor’s in cinema and television art.

Both proposals are up for review in the Academic Senate Office until April 17.

“It has to go up the chain, so whenever it gets all of its approvals it will change,” he said. “I’m cautiously optimistic—or hopeful, maybe that it’ll start within the next academic year,” Hart said.

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