College sweethearts return to CSUF

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Dallas and Debbie Stout working at a dance they both put on at Cal State Fullerton when they were attending as students. (Courtesy of Dallas Stout)

After graduation, classmates head their separate ways— some back home, others to jobs or vacations. Some never see each other again. This was not the case for Dallas and Debbie Stout.

The Cal State Fullerton alumni married after graduating in 1994 and, 20 years later, they returned to where their love began.

As students, both were fully engaged in their education and extracurricular activities, and met while attending the Latter Day Saint Student Association Club.

Within the club circle, Dallas was introduced to Debbie by a friend, who was also Debbie’s sorority sister.

After a year or so, Dallas and Debbie both took positions as presidents of Sigma Gamma Chi and Lambda Delta Sigma, their respective fraternity and sorority.

Between 1993 and 1994, the couple shared an office in the Institute of Religion building where they planned many of the events and social activities for their chapters.

The duo shared plenty in common besides an office space, as they both focused their studies on clinical psychology.

It was during his senior year of high school when Dallas joined a peer counseling class that he knew what he would study in college.

Debbie, however, was studying business until she was inspired by Dallas and took a few counseling classes. She discovered counseling was her passion.

“Watching what Dallas was doing in his work made me interested in ultimately switching from being a business major,” Debbie said in an email.

During that time, the two grew closer, started dating, got engaged and made it official with marriage in August of 1994.

The college sweethearts took the next step and went off to grad school together.

In 2006 and 2007, the couple made their return to CSUF to teach, Debbie first, then Dallas the year after.

“It was a very special time in our lives. In many respects, it was like coming home,” Dallas said in an email.

The couple dedicated themselves by volunteering, getting involved with clubs and meeting people who inspired and encouraged them along the way.

Sharing passions with others only makes their appetite for success stronger.

The couple’s advice for upcoming graduates is to find a way to volunteer in an area of need, because it provides the world with a needed service and one never knows who one will meet along the way.

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