9/11 comments show Trump’s strategy is talk first, justify later

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In recent interviews and social media posts, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump made comments about the 9/11 attacks, unfairly putting all of the blame on George W. Bush and his administration. Trump provided justification for his remarks, but not until days after they were made. (Natalie Goldstein / Daily Titan)
In recent interviews and social media posts, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump made comments about the 9/11 attacks, unfairly putting all of the blame on George W. Bush and his administration. Trump provided justification for his remarks, but not until days after they were made.
(Natalie Goldstein / Daily Titan)

Donald Trump has made a series of assertions about 9/11 and George W. Bush that have sparked both criticism and, strangely, support. When examined chronologically though, it reveals Trump’s opinion has seemingly been revised multiple times for his own political advantage.

Last Friday, in an interview with Bloomberg TV, Trump was asked about his personal character. After bragging about how big a heart he has, the interview took a non sequitur turn.

“George Bush — and say what you want — the World Trade Center came down during his time,” he said. The interviewer then interjected that he couldn’t put that on Bush and Trump responded, “He was president, okay? Blame him or don’t blame him, but he was president. The World Trade Center came down during his reign.”

Trump gave no other elaboration than this infantile, finger-pointing response.

Obviously, that sparked controversy. When reporters flanked Trump with questions about his remark that night at a campaign event, Trump gave no comment.

Instead of answering to the reporters, Trump finally gave some supposed context on his statement by angrily tweeting Jeb Bush that his brother did not, in fact, keep our country safe.

Donald Trump then hurled an insult at Jeb’s apparent lack of energy and presence, because he’s Donald Trump.

If this was Trump’s reasoning, why didn’t he say it earlier to the press? Given that Trump once said that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly “had blood coming out of her … wherever,” it doesn’t seem that he has a problem speaking his mind.

Trump’s speech at a rally in South Carolina Monday night gave yet another version of his Bush administration critique, insisting that they knew of the potential threat.

“George Tenet, the CIA director, knew there would be an attack, and he said so to the president and said so to everybody else that would listen,” Trump said.

It’s true that George Tenet, along with other intelligence officers, suspected a possible attack and attempted to notify the Bush administration to no avail, but Trump’s wording makes it sound like the Bush administration knew exactly what was going to happen and refused to lift a finger.

“I’m not saying I would’ve prevented them, but I would’ve had a chance because I’m pretty good at this stuff,” Trump continued.

“I’m pretty good at this stuff” does not sound like something someone trained and experienced in handling sensitive international relations and potential terrorist crises would use to describe the situation.

Given the rare kernel of truth in Trump’s final draft of his 9/11 stance, some have said that Trump was right, revealing a difficult truth about the Bush administration. He made a vague, unsupported implication about a former president. He avoided official questioning until he had some sort of answer to validate his capricious statement.

Trump isn’t some purveyor of hard-to-swallow facts. He said what popped into his head and justified it ex post facto. This is Trump’s strategy. Upset some people by saying POW’s aren’t war heroes? Make veterans’ rights part of your platform. Trump seems to believe he can will his statements into truth, and his supporters seem to let him.

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2 commentsOn 9/11 comments show Trump’s strategy is talk first, justify later

  • Nonsense. Trump is discussing things we as a nation should of discussed years ago. Kudo’s to him for talking truth.

    Mr Trump has caused NONE of the damage Jeb’s brother did (or rather his ‘closest foreign policy adviser’ as Jeb Bush calls his brother), that nearly DESTROYED ALL OF US>. No Hyperbole intended.

    Jeb has some real unimaginable hurdles.. It is a fantasy perhaps of his that Americans would forget such recent history.

    Bush kept us safe by starting bogus wars based on faulty trumped up intel, killing thousands of America’s best and brightest and disfiguring tens of thousands of others, while he destabilized an entire region by SEEMING INTENT. (Cheney said they would greet us with chocolates, Rumsfeld said they would greet us as liberators, and Iraq oil would pay for our several TRILLION dollar fiasco.)

    I reckon he also kept us safe while he collapsed the US economy into near default, millions lost their homes and their jobs, and tossed us into the greatest recession in the nation in our life times.

    Thanks for keeping us safe G. Bush, Hack of a job Brownie….

  • Unfortunately, the Republican establishment, are not Tea
    Party Constitutionalists–but they are currently in control of Capitol Hill. The
    real Conservative branch are struggling to find a candidate for Speaker of the
    house. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has dropped his bid as being unsuccessful
    in achieving enough votes, seeing his adviser the prior Speaker John Boehner is
    finally retiring. A number of names have
    surfaced as potential successors to John Boehner and not another Professional
    class politician elected to Speaker of the House? Nor a Paul Ryan who is NOT a
    Constitutionalist, to any extent of the word. We need the People’s speaker of
    the House.

    Yesterday we
    saw the Democratic war lords crush a law that would end the scourge and impediment
    to federal ‘Sanctuary Cities’ even after the hue and cry of Kate Steinle, young
    women, murdered by an illegal alien in
    the Liberalized city of San Francisco. But this is just one citizen
    murdered by a foreign national who had not been deported. However their are
    many more crimes hidden from public view by the biased mainstream press.

    are still holding the high ground on illegal immigration as this administration
    has done little to stem the interlopers; draining our welfare services,
    stealing jobs that belong to US citizens and lawful immigrants. The
    Democrat Party zealots are ignoring our Constitution and with intent aiding and
    abetting the illegal invasion of our Country. Do millions of people know it is
    a violation of Title 8 Section 1324 United States Code “aiding, abetting,
    encouraging, harboring, transporting, and hiring illegal aliens is a
    felony.” Also Title 18 Section 611 US Code forbids non citizens from
    voting in our election. Citizens must be vigilant in any election, caucus and
    finally the general election. The Democrats will plead ignorance that illegal
    aliens don’t vote, but this coming presidential election is critical to America’s
    future that the authorities use every method available to stop this travesty to
    our Democracy. If non citizens vote in a close race, it would be a catastrophe
    to the election system.

    Under the regime of His Royal highness Barack Obama he
    has sold America
    down the road. IRAN
    stands out as a $150 Billion loadstone to a terrorist,
    religious, fanatical nation. Leaving the Jewish state to fend for itself,
    knowing the danger is real. Judicial Watch announced today that it
    has obtained
    records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force revealing that
    Barack Obama’s February and March 2015 travel for golf vacations and
    fundraisers totaled $4,436,245.50 in taxpayer-funded transportation
    expenses. Donald Trump needs nothing from the Federal Coffers; he doesn’t
    need a salary as President and what seems elusive to the Democrats is Trump is
    completely free from powerful donors, who buy votes from individual corrupt
    lawmakers. Judicial Watch writes The Obama administration insists the southern
    border is secure, yet dozens of illegal aliens from terrorist nations entered
    the United States
    through Mexico and
    are being held in a Texas Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) processing

    As I see ahead, with Donald Trump taking head-on
    multinational corporations that profits from taking workers jobs overseas and
    their installations as well such as Ford auto manufacturing, Nabisco mega
    companies; each entity will have to pay a 35 percent tariff on products, parts
    until America is presented with a balanced playing field, called true Fair
    Trade–not what exists now with Mexico, China and a host of other foreign
    countries. That’s just one terrific proposal that will regenerate 100s of
    billions of dollars for our country, instead of adding to our countries riches
    being procured to foreign nations. To supplement our national security to once
    again build a frontier wall; then towering above Russia and China’ s military,
    a United States armed forces to be proud of, not another Pentagon Decimation under
    Obama’s policies; then reinvesting in every Veteran full care, instead of being
    treated as a second class citizen, while illegal immigrants are catered too.

    Immigration laws will be once again strictly enforced and
    Trump will instruct Homeland Security and ICE to implement a port of entry/exit tracking system and the
    National MANDATORY E-VERIFY system. IT will serve as a deterrent against
    business owner who insist of using unauthorized labor. No more OPTIONAL hiring
    and company owners can go to prison, while illegal workers will be deported.
    Mechanisms against welfare and cheap labor will be stemmed the tide of Overstays’ who lie giving the impression to Customs and Immigration that
    they are just visitors. That under new immigrants classifications they must be
    (STEM) skilled workers and not cradle to deliberate welfare seekers.

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