Editorial: CSUF parking lots are in need of etiquette and common courtesy

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Ask any student who regularly commutes to Cal State Fullerton and they’ll all agree: parking here sucks.

Even with literally thousands of parking spots available on campus, after about 9 a.m. you’re lucky if you find a spot remotely near your destination.

The ongoing battle for parking is one that is practically unavoidable; however, there are certain etiquettes and common courtesies that one should give to his or her fellow drivers to make the process a little bit easier. These seem to be greatly lacking in CSUF’s parking lots and structures.

The first etiquette is one that should come naturally to all Western drivers: stay on the right side. Too often drivers go past a row of potential parking spots driving straight through the center. This is not only annoying, but also dangerous. Driving through the center of a lane can potentially cause an accident with oncoming cars, especially when turning a corner where drivers cannot see each other.

The lanes in parking lots are admittedly narrow, but when the lane permits that two cars can pass through at the same time, then stay to the side.

An important thing for CSUF commuters to keep in mind is where they are and how much of a demand there is for parking. That being said, it is important that once they are done using their parking spot, they leave.

Unfortunately, what happens too often is drivers will return back to their vehicles with another driver waiting to take their spot, and they leisurely enter their vehicle and perhaps even take a few minutes to check their phone. This act is incredibly rude to the driver waiting to park because he or she has most likely been frantically searching for parking for a long time.

It could be that the returning driver is just killing time between classes, but if that is the case then the considerate thing to do is inform the other driver that you’re not leaving.

By far the worst offenders of parking lot etiquette are the drivers that think it’s acceptable to park their car in the middle of a lane and sit and wait for someone to come along and move their car. A seemingly harmless act, but it is flat out obnoxious, inconsiderate and dangerous.

Drivers who commit this act force other drivers approaching from behind to either sit and wait for them to move out of the way, or maneuver their car around the sitting car. This can be quite irritating considering how annoying driving through parking lots already is.

This also puts other drivers at risk of getting into an accident when they have to go around other cars. There could potentially be an oncoming car on the other side of the parked vehicle, which could lead to a collision.

This option may help save gas, but sitting in one particular spot and waiting for someone to leave only decreases your chances of finding parking in a timely manner. It’s a lose-lose situation.
Finding parking is frustrating and time is usually of the essence, but take a second to remember that we all need a spot just as bad as you do, and do your part to make the process go as smoothly and painlessly as possible, for everyone.

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