A new semester brings new clubs to campus

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The A Capella Group is among some of the newest clubs on campus offering students a musical outlet.
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New clubs and organizations at Cal State Fullerton bring more diversity and opportunities to campus.

Among the few additions to the 350 established clubs on campus are new fraternities and music groups.

Following a 13-year hiatus, Sigma Pi has returned in hopes of contributing to Greek life.

Sigma Pi is offering students a unique focus on philanthropic work while building a community of leaders.

“We’re looking for those types of people who are passionate about this school and being involved,” said Sigma Pi Public Relations and Social Media Coordinator Dustin Stafford, 21.

Another new organization to campus is Greek Intervarsity, a nationwide fellowship across many college campuses meant to promote camaraderie among students. Members of Greek organizations can come together for worship across all denominations of Christianity.

“We saw a growing need for Greek students,” said Dennis Hernandez-Caffey, 22, president of Greek Intervarsity. “We understand how broken the Greek system can be and we want to open that up for Greek ministry.”

Greek Intervarsity will hold a large group meeting at the end of every month. All fraternities and sororities are invited to listen to music and testimonies while promoting fellowship within each Greek chapter.

While there are many options for students who may consider joining a fraternity or sorority, there are also a wide variety of clubs meant to encourage hobbies or pastimes.

The A capella Group was born out of the “Pitch Perfect” movie craze. The club’s intent is to bring aspiring singers together to produce performance-ready songs without the use of instruments or tracks.

“My goal for this club is to develop a community of people who love to sing and just love to be themselves,” said club historian Stephanie Jaramillo, 18. “Anybody who feels they need a place to belong.”

When Isaiah Acevedo, club president, noticed there wasn’t an a cappella club on campus, he decided to create one.

“We’re hoping that we can give people the opportunity to sing who maybe haven’t sung before,” Acevedo said. “We just want to have a lot of fun and make memories with this club and perform.”

With a variety of clubs and organizations to choose from, there’s a place for everyone to share their Titan Pride.

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