Students learn about responsible drinking at ‘Thirsty Thursday’

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Students line up to try aguas frescas at the Titan Tusk Force-sponsored 'Thirsty Thursday' event. (Jayna Gavieres / Daily Titan)
Students line up to try aguas frescas at the Titan Tusk Force-sponsored ‘Thirsty Thursday’ event.
(Jayna Gavieres / Daily Titan)

Cal State Fullerton’s Titan Tusk Force hosted,“Thirsty Thursday” for the second time at the TSU Underground.

The event aims to educate students about the consequences of driving under the influence, and to promote safe drinking, said Jeanette Esquivel, events coordinator of Titan Tusk Force.

Last year was the first time Thirsty Thursday took place on campus. The idea was to put on events that would educate students, said Alexandra Beltran, administrative director of Titan Tusk Force.

Titan Tusk Force partnered with the Student Health and Counseling Center (SHCC), who provided pamphlets and flyers with information about safe drinking. SHCC also provided a device called “drunk goggles” that when worn, simulates the effects of alcohol on depth perception.

The event costs approximately $150 to coordinate and offered around 300 nonalcoholic complimentary drinks to CSUF students in attendance.

I think that it’s really awesome that our Titan Tusk Force puts on events like this, because the main reason is to educate our students about safe drinking and about different choices that they can make, said Katy Johnson, Executive vice president of ASI.

Most CSUF students are 21 years old or older and can legally drink alcoholic beverages. Events like Thirsty Thursday will help to promote smarter drinking, Esquivel said.

CSUF student Josette Camacho said that events such as Thirsty Thursday are very beneficial to the college community and that there should be more of its kind.

“I think it is really helpful to bring alternative drinks like nonalcoholic drinks for students,” said Monica Vu, 20, health science major.

“We are a college campus and we want our students to be as safe as possible and understand the consequences of drinking and driving,’’ Beltran said.

There are other alternatives a person can take to be safe if someone is under the influence of alcohol, such as taking an Uber or finding a ride home rather than driving, Beltran said.

“It’s not just for students to get drinks, we are really emphasizing the importance, we are making sure that students know what they are in line for, what the event is for,’’ Esquivel said.

It is better to be safe than sorry, Beltran said.


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