E-Cigarettes are better than cigarettes for the public and for those seeking a nicotine fix

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While switching to electronic cigarettes will not completely eliminate an addiction to nicotine, the smokeless habit provides a great alternative for the public to be rid of harmful secondhand smoke.

Smoking tobacco is harmful and threatens individuals through secondhand smoking. Vaporizers, on the other hand, do not affect anyone in the vicinity after exhaling, according to a study by BioMed Central, an open access science, technology and medicine publisher.

E-cigarette consumers also have a choice of whether or not they want to use nicotine at all. Nicotine serves as a nonoptional, active agent in cigarettes, while it can be excluded in vapor solutions.

Most people who have been around cigarette smokers can attest to the smell and disruption they cause. Vaping is a better option for those who just want their nicotine fix while being considerate to the public.

To the smoker, there is minimal difference between real and electronic cigarettes. One of the major changes is the smell, from nicotine and tar to vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and more. The second is the effect vapor has on the lungs versus cigarettes.

Cigarette smokers are 15 to 30 times more likely to develop lung cancer than nonsmokers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The more often a person inhales cigarette smoke, the more likely his or her chance of lung cancer jumps. Cigarette smoke has been the No. 1 cause for complications in the lungs and accounts for 90 percent of all lung cancer cases, according to the American Lung Association.

While e-cigarettes also contain harmful substances that could lead to lung cancer, the amount of nicotine concentration depends on the brand users purchase.

Additionally, those who vape can control nicotine intake with vaporizers, which can help squash the addiction.

Cigarettes can be improperly disposed of, contributing to litter and adding heavily to the $11.5 billion cleanup effort the U.S. spends annually, according to Keep America Beautiful (KAB), a non-profit organization that aims to help communities improve their surrounding environments. Cigarettes account for 38 percent of litter items worldwide, according to KAB.

During the 2013 International Coastal Cleanup, more than 2 million cigarette butts were collected.

E-cigarettes are reusable and only a small amount of oil is needed to refill a vaporizer. Vaping is much more eco-friendly than its burning counterpart.

Users will do the environment a favor by decreasing the amount of cigarette butts being littered.

Along with being eco-friendly, e-cigarettes also help save money for a smoker who could spend anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 a year on regular cigarettes, according to Dallas News. Because of the low-cost, refillable nature of smoking vapor, converted cigarette smokers can save an average of $1,800 a year.

With all of these great benefits for smokers who switch to vapor, it’s hard to convince someone that cigarettes are still the best option for a nicotine fix.

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29 commentsOn E-Cigarettes are better than cigarettes for the public and for those seeking a nicotine fix

  • So you wonr accept outdoor shs is dangerous? You are not from this planet, troll.

  • Mine is NOT a panic attack!! Get ovet it. I have MEDICAL PROOF that smoke and vapour harms my damaged lungs! FYI I lived with smokers for over 20 years, both parents, whi incidentally died of smoking related diseases. Parents in law also both died of smoking related diseases, MIL died of emphysema caused by her husband smoking and running a pub where the walls were YELLOW from all the smoke. FACTS.
    Funny you should mention keeling over in the street! When diagnosed with numerous blood clots in both lungs, an addict happily puffed smoke in my face while I was coughing (this in a non smoking bus shelter, no buses at the time belching out fumes!), so bad I nearly passed out; luckily 2 older people came to my rescue and almost called an ambulance to take me back to the hospital wher I had just been for a check up!

  • So you think someone who is smoking outdoors is somehow harming another person that is 30 feet away?
    I think you are the alien of the two of us.

  • Do you make yourself out to be the victim in every situation?
    The whole smoke in the face at the bus stop thing sees like an enforcement issue to me.
    Did you call the law to enforce the anti bus stop smoking policy?

  • So funny! “Did you call the law …….”!! I could not breathe let alone call “the law”, however you probably cannot comprehend what it feels like to not be able to breathe! On another matter my husband who does not have MEDICAL readons to avoid smoke was badly affected judt today whem we visited a neighbouring town. He was also badly affected while sitting on our balcony on a cruise ship from 4 decks lower!! What do you make of that, a “panic attack”??ROFL

  • See my other reply to your other stupid response!!

  • Tom Blackwell

    if you can not breathe because there is someone somewhere smoking four decks away then you need serious psychological help.
    If just the thought of somebody smoking causes you to hyperventilate then you obviously need help.
    Because there is no such thing as second hand smoke from 30 feet away or 4 decks away.
    SHS barely causes harm if you are in the same room as the smoker or you are outside with a smoker on each side of you.
    I don’t even smoke and i am just wondering your reasoning for projecting the same hysteria of second hand whatever to vapor which has ZERO of the same composition of real smoke.
    This is flavored theatrical fog i am talking about.
    The fact that the sight or even the thought of some one smoking or what looks like smoking anywhere in the vicinity of you triggers an attack is insane.
    Any psychiatrist will tell you that if you explained it the way you did here.
    Upvoting your own posts is a little nutty too but that is another disorder in it’s entirety.

  • Judging by your many rants on other sites about smoling and vaping, then I think it is you who needs serious psycholigical help. Being ovsessive comes to mind, obviously your only interest. Why not get a life? So you think my husband needs psychological help too being affected? Also my friends who are asthmatic, oops forgot, having panic attacks not asthmatic!! Never mind , you might grow up sometime and realise the world does not revolve around smoking whatever.
    BTW vaping is not the same as theatre fog, “just water vapour” or a “kettle boiling”! Never heard of a kettle having any nicotine, PG, or formaldehyde in it. STILL TROLLING?? Why not give up, you will never change my views on smokw and aerosol whatever YOU say. I know what I am allergic to (imcluding foods – perhaps you think that too is a “panic attack” ? I expect for those who suffer anaphylactic shocks around peanuts are having “panic attacks” to you also??

  • Blow a hole in your tongue?!

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