CSUF dorms can enrich the university experience

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College can be a challenging experience for many people, but living on campus can go a long way to making it better. Dorming at CSUF can make university resources readably available, potentially enhancing college life. (Nolan Motis / Daily Titan)

A student’s college experience heavily depends on whether he or she chooses to commute or live on campus. Regardless of the cost or impacted residency, students should take advantage of on-campus housing.

Living on campus plays an important role for fully enjoying the college experience. Unfortunately, not every student has the opportunity to do so.
There are many factors that may hinder a student’s decision to live on campus, the biggest being expenditures.

The unfortunate truth is that not every student can afford to live on campus. It costs anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 per academic year to live at Cal State Fullerton — basically the price of a new car, said Associate Director of Administration and Conference Services Housing and Residence Life Katrina Eberly. This can limit a student’s living options and lead to isolation from the campus community.

There is a serious disconnect between students who live off campus and those who live on campus. For commuters, having access to friends, faculty and staff is inconvenient.

Commuters are also less likely to participate in group activities, games and campus events.

Not all students can afford the housing price. Even with the high housing prices, there are more students than available apartments and dorms.

“The student housing community at Cal State Fullerton is at 100 percent occupancy. This includes bed spaces in both the Residence Halls and the apartments,” Eberly said.
To remedy the lack of space, students can rent houses or off campus apartments. However, living on campus is ideal.

“Students who live on campus are more satisfied with their college experience. They earn higher grade point averages and are more likely to graduate,” said Kevin Kruger, president of Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, to the American Council on Education.

There’s a unique feeling of being a part of the CSUF community that is best experienced by living in campus housing. Living on campus allows students to be more involved and offers social and academic support for student success, along with opportunities that will help in later employment.

In today’s competitive job market, it’s not enough to just go to college and get a degree anymore. It is crucial to gain experience while in college to build a resume and network.

This happens as early as the freshman orientation. Transfer students and commuters miss the opportunity to get involved with peers and build long-term relationships.

Most commuters go to class and leave campus as soon as the class ends, trying to avoid traffic. Since they aren’t hanging out on campus, they lose a chance make friends and don’t fulfill the complete college experience.

Learning how to work with people from various backgrounds and assimilating to college life is essential for students to develop a more balanced worldview. Living off campus can prevent students from experiencing these important lessons and opportunities.

Students need the resources offered in the campus environment. They deserve to experience the whole package of college life and campus living. They have the rest of their life to live off campus. Every student should be able to enjoy his or her college experience and make memories, friendships and networks.

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