Titan Radio supports local bands at Radio is So Lame Fest

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Music and art collided Thursday night at Cal State Fullerton’s Becker Amphitheater for the “Radio Is So Lame festival.”

Titan Radio orchestrated the event, drawing in students and fans in supports of the bands that were set to perform.

Holly Santiago, a fourth-year senior majoring in entertainment and tourism, ran the festival as the Titan Radio general manager.

Every semester, Titan Radio throws a semi-annual DJ mixer to celebrate the hard work done by the staff and volunteers throughout the semester, Santiago said.

“A couple semesters ago we started collaborating with AS; we have an ASI’s open mic segment,” she said. But this semester, the concert turned into an acoustic performance.

The DJ mixer has since evolved into a small concert that helps fundraise for improvements to the Titan Radio station and raise awareness for what the radio station does and the type of music it supports, Santiago said.

The event grew because many of the staff members enjoyed live music, so they decided to start hosting live performances, she said.

The festival strives to give bands exposure and give artists a platform to perform. Titan Radio hosts mostly local groups, such as Royaljag, a band from the Inland Empire.

Royaljag, formerly known as Seaside Audio, combined sounds of rock, soul and neo-psych to form a unique music experience. Emphasizing on their versatility, the band members said that their style of music gives them the freedom to create what they want.

“A bunch of our friends work for Titan Radio, so they set up the show and we said we would love to play. I think it’s been a year or two since we played the Becker Amphitheatre,” said Jay Garcia, frontman of Royaljag.

Royaljag’s lineup consists of brothers Jay Garcia and Roland Garcia, David Ajoku and drummer Taylor Haenny, according to the band’s Tumblr blog.

The event headliner was Jurassic Shark, a Monrovia-based group. Jurassic Shark’s performance was interrupted by a sudden rainstorm, which caused the band to play under a tent.

The Becker Amphitheater provided an intimate concert experience by allowing audience members to sit up close. The band is used to playing in smaller venues and it made it easier for them to interact with the audience.

Along with the music, artwork was displayed around the amphitheater, including a decorated water bottle sculpture of Tuffy the elephant and a painting station for students to create their own art.

A raffle for students to win prizes, such as a pass to the Vans Warped Tour, followed each act.

“We weren’t satisfied with just a DJ mixer event, so we made it bigger, put all of our hearts into it and booked these bands,” said Sara Kleinbart, marketing director of Titan Radio. “It went from a mixer to a festival.”

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