CSUF GOP hosts 9/11 memorial

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Nearly 3,000 American flags decorated the Tuffy Lawn in memoriam for 9/11 victims Monday morning.

The CSUF Republicans planted a flag each to honor those who lost their life 15 years ago. Every flag was dedicated to a specific individual who passed away that day. Names could be seen written on each flag in the lawn.

In a moment of solidarity, the organization paid tribute to the attack victims by reminding past, present and future generations that “we can still come together as humans, and not parties,” said College Republicans Vice President Amanda McGuire.

“We are kind of making sure to tell (students) that we are the Republican Club on campus, (but) we are here nonpartisan. We are just here as Americans, mourning the lost lives of fellow Americans,” said club member Jacob Salcido.

There are times where we just need to put aside our differences and come together as Americans, Salcido said.

The CSUF Republicans is an organization that aims to increase student political activism across campus while also increasing political awareness, according to its TitanLink page. The club offers access to volunteer and internship opportunities with local, state and federal politics. Also known as the CSUF GOP, it further sets its purpose to help students become an informed voter.

Joseph Calleros, senior business administration major, said the CSUF Republicans is doing a good job in spreading awareness of this historical event. Calleros visited New York City two years ago and understood its impact more than he did when the tragedy actually occurred when he was just nine years old.

Paired with their memoriam were small pamphlets of the U.S. Constitution the organization had on display. Salcido said that it was important for students to have, not only to honor Constitution Day this Friday, but because it was one of the “foundational building blocks of our nation.”

The organization was disbanded last year but has since been reformed under new leadership this semester. In its first two meetings of the new academic year, the CSUF Republicans hosted Assemblywoman Young Kim from Fullerton and have addressed the future direction of the club.

Besides spreading awareness of the Republican and Conservative platform, the club will be hosting other keynote speakers such as Steven G. Mihaylo and Andy Puzder, the CEO of CKE Restaurants, Inc., the parent organization of Carl’s Jr in October.

In the next few months the CSUF Republicans plan to revitalize its organization and move forward with platform advocacy. Club meetings are held on Thursdays and contact information to the organization can be found on TitanLink.

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