Keep Calm and Game On: “Playstation and Microsoft continue to compete”

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With Christmas coming in the next few weeks, gamers’ wish lists are sure to be filled with several must-have console and video game gift ideas to bring into the new year.

Since the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch will not be available until 2017, gamers have to settle for the best consoles available at the moment. Two popular systems currently on the market are the Playstation 4 Pro and the Xbox One S.

After the initial announcement of the Xbox One S at the E3 event in June, Microsoft officially released the console in August. Microsoft boasted the system’s 4K capabilities, saying, “It is the only console with 4K Blu-ray, 4K video streaming and HDR,” according to

These features are music to the ears of gamers looking for higher resolution picture quality. Luckily for Microsoft, they were able to live up to their claims.

In comparison to the original Xbox One, the S is actually 40 percent smaller in size, has its own internal power supply, can play games in High Dynamic Range (HDR) and gives gamers more storage options. One model will be offering up to 2TB of storage space. Players are able to experience some of the system’s most popular games such as “Gears of War 4,” “Forza Horizon 3” and “Halo” series all in HDR, which offers really enhanced graphics.

While the Xbox One S sports an attractive array of specs, its competitor, the Playstation 4 Pro, has proven itself to be a worthy opponent. Along with VR capabilities, the PS4 Pro also has higher storage options available (up to 1TB), supports dynamic 4K display in gameplay and produces faster frame rates for better gaming quality than the PS4 base model.

The PS4 Pro is the console that many Playstation fans might have dreamed of for years. Now with Sony VR available, it makes titles such as “Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration Edition” and “Batman: Arkham VR” stunning action-packed experiences for players.

Although the console doesn’t include a 4K Blu-ray player like its competitor, the PS4 Pro still provides 4K entertainment, which includes 4K video streaming. Honestly, streaming is the new trend anyway, so 4K Blu-rays are something that can definitely be overlooked.

Personally, I’ve always preferred the Playstation consoles over Xbox systems because it is what I grew up playing and what I am used to. Microsoft probably realized the potential that the video game market had in the 20th century and decided to enter the 21st century with a console of their own.

Since the release of the original Xbox back in 2001, the console always stuck out to me as a big cheesy robot that tried and continues to try to be better than the Playstation systems. Maybe Microsoft and Sega are working together now, since Xbox basically took the Sega Dreamcast’s spot in the console lineup.

However, gamers can expect a big gift from Microsoft for the holiday season in 2017. The anticipated console, Project Scorpio, is expected to release around then with capabilities that will compete with the Nintendo Switch and whatever Sony may release then. Whether you’re a Sony, Microsoft or a Nintendo fan, gamers will continually be amazed at what the future of video gaming will become.

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