President-elect sparks protest

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What started as a group of two students grew to dozens of Cal State Fullerton participants, all voicing their disatisfaction with America’s choice for president. They chanted “Trump: Not our president” and “Never Trump” in front of the Humanities building starting around 11 a.m. (Mia Agraviador / Daily Titan)

What started as two students speaking their minds in front of the humanities building quickly turned into a strong and unified voice heard across campus.

Cal State Fullerton students came together in protest Wednesday morning to speak out against the United States’ new president-elect, Donald J. Trump.

A passionate crowd of almost 40 students marched around campus with signs that read “Trump: Not our president” and “Never Trump,” while chanting phrases like “love trumps hate” and “Titans against Trump.”

Some students detached themselves from the core of the protest and spoke their minds.

Victoria Faith Montoya was a part of the protest and said that as a minority and a woman, she fears for her life because of the outcome of the election.

Many of the protesting students had a problem with Trump’s controversial comments about minorities, women and immigrants during his campaign.

“I now have a president who doesn’t support people like me or other minorities, when my father is in Iraq right now at the moment fighting for everybody’s rights,” said Rudy Aguilar, a fourth-year humanities and social science major.

Stephanie Shubert, a third-year human communications major, said Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence have managed to dehumanize many people which should not be acceptable in this day and age.

Despite the election being over, CSUF students say there is still a way to make change.

“I hope the American public can eventually start pushing back against any type of dehumanizing oppressive policies or laws that Trump and Congress try to push,” Aguilar said.

The protesters insisted the youth make their voice heard and encouraged others to join their cause, spreading their message through social media.

“I’d like to see more people getting involved; I’d like to see less indifference … I would like to see more of a collectivist mentality moving forward,” Shubert said.

Adela Kutasi, a fourth-year graphic design major and immigrant from Romania, witnessed the protest while the group was in front of the TSU.

“I feel like it’s a right thing to do if you don’t believe that it’s right for this guy to be our president,” Kutasi said. “I honestly think that we as students should unite and hold true to our beliefs.”

Kutasi said it isn’t fair for the country and its students to have a man who disregards the importance of diversity lead them into the future.

CSUF’s protest was one of many since Trump was named the president-elect. Students at UC Irvine, UCLA and UC Santa Barbara also came out to protest the new president-elect.

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