Humans of CSUF: Jessica Potter

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(Emily Dieckman / Daily Titan)

A Cal State Fullerton student migrates from Colorado to California with the help of the Walt Disney Company.

“I came out to California with the college program, which is an internship that Disney offers for college students. It’s a semester-long paid internship and you can also take classes through the Disney company that count for credits at school. While you’re doing the internship, you’re still considered a full-time student,” said Jessica Potter, a 22-year-old transfer student majoring in entertainment/animation.

Potter used Disney as her main reason to move to California in hopes of eventually being accepted to Cal State Fullerton.

The internship program lasted eight months and once the internship was over, Potter transferred from her previous location as a custodian to guest relations where she works currently.

“I love it. I’ve been in guest relations now for a little over a year,” Potter said.

While being in guest relations, Potter has had the ability to learn helpful skills that she can apply toward her personal life.

“I’m very happy now with my job since I just became a tour guide, which is very exciting. I feel like it’s very helpful with learning how to become a storyteller and knowing how to get the story across to other people in a way that’s meaningful to them and to yourself,” Potter said. “So I feel like that skill is something very important for both animation and for working guest relations at Disneyland, but essentially via networking and everything else, I would love to meet with animators from Disney.”

Potter hopes to apply her experience at Disneyland toward her passion for animation in the future.

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