Letter to Editor- In response to “Reporting a Sexual Assault on Campus”

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Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the article “Reporting a Sexual Assault on Campus” published on Feb. 13, 2017.
I supervise the first responders to Safe Place whenever a rape kit needs to be performed. Because you listed the name and location of the hospital where we do these exams, I feel that a few things need to be clarified. One, a survivor can only request and receive a forensic rape exam through law enforcement in the city where the crime occurred; two, it is important that survivors do not self-report to our location, because they will be checked into the ER and charged up to $1,500 to be examined–and they will not receive the forensic exam (see No. 1 above.) There is one other option–the VAWA exam–which does not require law enforcement, but the survivor must call us at the Rape Crisis Center to contact the forensic nurse who will schedule an appointment. Rape Crisis Center advocates possess a special exemption and are not mandated reporters, holding absolute confidentiality with their clients. Since you neglected to list our hotline number, I will provide it now: 714-957-2737. We can answer any and all questions about this procedure.

Thank you,
Dawn Foor, Ph.D.
Supervisor at the Rape Crisis Center

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