Millennials swipe left on sex

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With tension around politics and school starting to pile up, it’s normal to get stressed out. Rather than having sex to clear the mind, millennials seem to have smaller libidos and bigger phones.

In a 2016 study published by the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, it was found that millennials “were more likely to report having no sexual partners as adults compared to GenX’ers born in the 1960s and 1970s.”

The Archives of Sexual Behavior surmised that this is likely because millennials are either too busy to have sex, often living with parents for longer periods of time and thus not having the opportunity to or simply not interested in sex as much as previous generations.

This latent desire for sex could be increased by the emergence of technology. Young adults could be seeking a more platonic relationship and wanting to be more involved in growing individually rather than seeking a partner.

Hunter Hargraves, Ph.D., an assistant professor of cinema and television arts at CSUF, said that the advancement of technology has certainly impacted the way that younger generations view and treat the topic and idea of sex.

“Digital culture was powerful for bringing sex to be a more personalized subject,” Hargraves said.

Millennials have grown up seeing some sort of sexual activity on either television or the internet their whole lives. Millennials have normalized sex, a sentiment that Hargraves attributes to being part of a generation “for whom privacy has never been protected.”

The idea of privacy went away as soon as Mark Zuckerberg sprang up.

Younger generations now have access to find practically anything on the internet. They use apps like Tinder to get something that used to take years to get.

Now there are two ways to see this situation: one, that millennials are mature and have realized that they don’t need sex as some driving force. Or two, that millennials have become this existential being, too busy to figure out the reason for sex and existence to even commit to having sex in the first place.

However, there is a way to conclude that there are both things going on in this generation. Millennials have been thrown into this cyber world that gives them way too much information way too fast and the thought of having to stop in the middle of it all is daunting.

In reality, the fact that this generation is the least likely to have multiple sexual partners within the last few generations, with an average of eight partners, according to 2015 research by Jean M. Twenge at San Diego State University, shouldn’t bring anyone down.

Millennials are also responsible for the rapid decline of teen birth rates setting it at a record low, according to a 2016 study from Pew Research Center; all while increasing the acceptance of premarital sex, according to the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Millennials aren’t as quick to jump into bed as other generations, but are more likely to want a reasonable, Holden Caulfield-like relationship.

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