Troy shooting thwarted by tip from citizen

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Two Troy High School students were arrested for planning to carry out a shooting at their school that they described as “bigger than Columbine,” Fullerton Police said in an announcement Wednesday.

The two 16-year-old males students are currently awaiting charges at the Orange County Juvenile Hall.

University Police Captain Scot Willey said his department was notified of the events at Troy High School with the rest of the community because CSUF was not directly involved.

Willey emphasized the importance for students to report potential crimes when they see them.

“This was a perfect example of when seeing something and saying something worked,” Willey said.

Law enforcement officials became aware of the plot after a concerned community member sent in a photo she took of the suspects at a school sporting event after she heard them discussing plans to bring weapons to school.

“The courageous act that woman took by taking a picture covertly in order to get to law enforcement, she saved an untold number of lives. We may never know,” said Sgt. Jon Radus of the Fullerton Police Department during his public announcement Wednesday. “You can’t describe the importance of that photo.”

During the investigation, no weapons were discovered in the suspect’s houses.

However, police found that the boys had recently conducted internet searches of past school shootings and the price and effectiveness of firearms.

“We don’t know when it was going to happen, we just know that it was being planned,” Radus said during his announcement. “We’re grateful no weapons were found because that means it wasn’t imminent, but it was certainly an opportunity for crime to happen.”

Fullerton Police has reinforced its presence at Troy High School in light of the threat.

To report a crime to University Police, students can call 911, visit the University Police station or use any on-campus emergency blue phone. More information is available on the University Police website.

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