While it’s annoying hearing about “divisive” Trump everyday, it’s important to be aware

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It’s impossible to look at the daily news without finding articles about President Donald J. Trump, and something that invariably finds a way to associate itself with the head honcho is this word: divisive.

And as terribly annoying as it’s been to see the Trump parade everywhere, it’s just as annoying to see articles tire out the word “divisive,” but both are necessary. Rather than complaining about being tired of Trump and reading articles left and right about him, the public should be thankful for the unabashed attention put on the administration.

One must look no further than Google. Type in the word “divisive” under the news category and there’s no way Trump’s big gleaming face won’t be popping up yelling at you.

From the New Yorker, “Trump’s divisive new travel ban,” to the LA times, “Trump is sworn in as president, a divisive, singular figure promising to lift up ‘the forgotten’” and even “Trump’s speech wasn’t divisive. He said he’d fight for all Americans,” from the Washington Post, nowhere is safe.

But it’s not as if journalists are using this word superfluously.

If ever the joke, “if you looked up ‘idiot’ in the dictionary, your face would show up” made more sense, it’s with the word divisive and Trump.

In light of the recent tragedies like a Muslim teenager being found hanging from a tree in Washington state, according to the Seattle Times, and a Sikh man in Kent, Wash. being shot after a man told him, “Go back to your own country,” according to the Washington Post, “divisive” is nothing but accurate.

Although it may seem that Trump has created a rift within the country during his three-month presidency–that really feels like three years–journalists are working overtime.

While Trump’s antics are being mocked on “Saturday Night Live”, journalists are working tirelessly, uncovering some of the most shocking and absurd political scandals in recent history.

One of the most talked about in recent reports is Trump official’s contact with Russian authorities. While the Trump administration is busy denouncing any contact, The Huffington Post and other news outlets falsified those claims.

Actively and purposefully outing the president and his comrades for their unacceptable behavior is nothing to scoff at.

The facade of professionalism that is the presidency is falling, and the administration continues to deny the questionable meetings, even devolving to childish antics by calling attention to a feckless accusation of then-President Barack Obama tapping into Trump’s wires during his campaign.

As daunting as it is to sit and witness the Trump administration flounder about, it’s a miracle we’re seeing it. It’s as if most major news organizations came together and agreed to do whatever it takes to keep the public informed; from taking criticism directly from Trump to being shunned from briefing rooms, the public got lucky.

It’s a miracle that these organizations are still with and for the public after all of this time.

While Americans stare at press briefings, confusing themselves over the dystopian our government has become, clinging to the word “divisive” to make sense of it, those finding the antonym are sitting in newsrooms with dictionaries and recorders.

So, as annoying as it might be to see the word “divisive” and Trump everywhere, it’s comforting to know there are a few that refuse to allow democracy fall into the pits.

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