CSUF welcomes prospective students to campus

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From the front of the Titan Student Union, an intermittent stream of visitors snaked toward the northern entrance of Titan Stadium. By 9 a.m., the seating was filled, leaving only standing room. The fresh faces of prospective students waited to discover their potential new home.

Welcome to CSUF Day Saturday introduced future high school graduates as well as upcoming transfer students to Cal State Fullerton.

The opening ceremony speeches from ASI Executive Director Dave Edwards and interim associate vice president for Student Affairs Darren Bush explained the agendas given to students when they had first entered the auditorium. Near the end of his speech, Bush encouraged visitors to stay hydrated as volunteers were offering free water bottles all over campus to help combat the intense heat of the day.

The ceremony ended on a lighthearted note when Edwards retook the stage and gave visitors a playful bribe.

“I want to give you a little secret. Darren really wants you to come here. We have two Starbucks open today and he’s willing to buy a Unicorn Frappuccino for anyone that will sign today,” Edwards said.

For visitors heading back from the stadium there were pop-up canopies in front of the Student Recreation Center filled with volunteers organizing tours covering the general campus with some specialized for student housing.

Tours were guided by students including Linh Kim, who had at least a year of experience giving campus tours.

“A lot of parents and incoming students have been asking a lot of good questions. Most of them don’t know what to major in, so I use my personal experience of choosing my major to make them feel more comfortable,” Kim said.

For visitors who wanted to take a less-structured and self-guided tour, there were more canopies set up all over the school with students and faculty representing the different facets of college life. Titan Walk was devoted primarily to CSUF clubs as well as student services including financial aid. The perimeter of the Quad hosted most of the colleges on campus, with the front of the Humanities-Social Sciences Building showcasing some of the campus fraternities and sororities.

The event also included workshops covering a variety of topics ranging from handling being a first-time student, how to get financial aid, parental involvement and successful practices for transfer students.

If at any point the campus felt too overwhelming for the new visitors, info kiosks were available all over in addition to roaming student volunteers wearing “Ask Me?” shirts in the school’s colors. Several helpers also wore large colorful pins that read “Yo hablo Español” to help prospective Spanish-speaking students and their families.

As the event started to wind down to a close at 1 p.m. and visitors began to trickle out, the mood remained positive among visitors. Siblings Kyea and Kyle Antoine were pleased with the day and felt they were likely to come back to CSUF in the future.

“It’s been good. The tour was fun and the orientation so far has been good,” Kyea Antoine said. “This is the school I really want to go to.”

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