Cal State Fullerton adding yet another Starbucks in the TSU is excessive

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Hannah Miller / Daily Titan

A new Starbucks is currently being constructed on the underground level of the recently refined Titan Student Union, and with the huge “Coming Soon” sign stamped on the wall, students can assume that it will be opening sooner than later.

Building another Starbucks on campus is not solving student problems and it is not in the best interest of students.

If lack of coffee was the initial problem, Cal State Fullerton already had the answer for that. Two Starbucks locations are already up and running, one in the library and another in the Steven G. Mihaylo Hall. Starbucks not only has two of its own full-service locations but also serves its coffee at other locations such as the Nutwood Cafe in College Park, LH Express in Langsdorf Hall and The Cup also in the TSU. There’s no reason for the production of another caffeine-infested location other than to provide another outlet for students to spend their cash.

The Starbucks in the Pollak Library opened less than five years ago and cost $823,825 to construct and complete, according to Capital Project Management. Not only was this production a conversation that should have never started, but it also highlights how administration focuses on the business aspect of the university rather than its academic improvement.

Some students are struggling to find a comfortable study space while on campus and using this space to install another already successful corporation is a waste of a great opportunity. A space that caters to students should have been implemented like a learning center, more quiet study space or more resources that will support students’ academic success.

The only benefit gained from this new addition is that students will now have the opportunity to gain an on-campus job to fund their education. Conveniently located right on campus, the new Starbucks will give students a chance to work alongside their school schedule. The impact of the new establishment on campus is not completely negative, but wouldn’t it be great to create jobs for students while also providing a resource?

A center that gives students a chance to gain a job would provide an opportunity to help out another student at the same time. A new service would be provided to uplift student education, job opportunities would be offered and if coffee is still lacking, then a Keurig could surely be installed.

The construction of the TSU Starbucks will provide more coffee and sweet delights to students, while neglecting their academic need. Next time the university wants to start production on a service for students, it should begin with a petition for students wants and needs. College students and caffeine mix all too well, but the addition of another Starbucks location on campus is excessive.

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