Cal State Fullerton’s Titan Pride Center offers benefits for students

In 2017 Welcome Titans Guide
(Andrew Lopez / Daily Titan)

The Titan Pride Center is the ultimate way to connect new and returning students to the collegiate experience.

The main goal of the center is to get students involved and create a sense of community on campus.

Located in the Titan Student Union, the center offers the Titan Rewards Program, which gives students the opportunity to earn points by going to CSUF athletics events. Students can then redeem those points for special Titan Pride Gear.

“You get 1 point for every home game attended and you come to us to redeem those points for prizes. Some of the prizes we have this year are a mini drone, we have backpacks, water bottles, a whole bunch of shirts and a lot of small items as well,” said Quinn Corralejo, Titan Pride Center lead.

The center also offers students a way to get involved with each other and the campus.

“If they are part of a club or organization on campus we offer free services like balloons, social media postings, different things like that to help them get out to more students,” Quinn said. “Sometimes it’s a little harder (advertising) with smaller budgets so we have these free services for them.”

Students find that the Titan Rewards Program benefits them in more ways than one.

“I like going to the games, so getting a reward is a plus and being rewarded for something I enjoy is a great way for me to get involved with other students as well,” said CSUF sophomore, Michelle Domingo, who recently attended the men’s soccer alumni game.

The Titan Pride Center is easily accessible, tabling around campus 3 days a week.

“I really think that by explaining what’s happening on campus like all those athletics games students don’t know about, and all these programs, it encourages them to have fun with friends and get prizes while, again, just going to free athletic games,” Quinn said.

Students can find schedules to all athletic events on the Fullerton Titans website, as well as picking up a copy at the Titan Pride Center.

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