Best parking tips for Cal State students

Whether students are new to Cal State Fullerton or just haven’t quite figured out the parking situation, they may have noticed how much of a pain parking can be. Parking at CSUF is a hassle that can be easily solved.

Here are some tips that can help make a commuter’s life a whole lot easier.

The first and most important tip is getting to school by 9 a.m. Students can park in the Nutwood Parking Structure, the Eastside Parking Structure and the State College Parking Structure. The sooner students can get to campus, the better. This is essential to avoid driving up and down the parking structure, desperately looking for an open spot. All of the parking structures are usually full by the time 9 o’clock rolls around.

If meeting a 9 a.m. deadline is too hard or unattainable, heading straight to the top floor of the Nutwood Parking Structure is the best bet for a spot. Don’t even bother checking the other floors because they will be full.

Parking in student Lots A, D, G, S and E are options as well. Keep in mind that Lots A and G are the farthest but could serve as nice, safe bets when running late. They are located near the baseball fields, and the walk isn’t horrible, unless it’s 90 degrees outside.

Parking in the furthest lots requires more time to get to class.

Of course, to park in these lots or parking structures students need a permit that can be purchased from Parking and Transportation Services for $236, which is valid for an entire semester.

However, if a student plans on commuting without a permit, another alternative is to park on the street surrounding College Park. Unfortunately, spots are not regularly available. Getting there between 6 and 7 a.m is necessary to ensure an open spot.

Parking on nearby streets or in neighborhoods will be tough because most have made their streets permit parking only. Parking is risky, and there is a chance of getting towed, so students should refrain from this option.

Chapman Park is another parking alternative with no permit required. Students can find this park by driving down Commonwealth Avenue and making a left on San Carlos Street. Arriving before 7 a.m. guarantees a great spot.

Parking and Transportation Services has added a couple more choices for students. Students can park at the Evangelical Free Church with a valid student permit, with shuttle transportation provided, leaving the driving to someone else until Dec. 7.

When in doubt, double-check the Nutwood Parking Structure. It usually has the most people coming and going, meaning there are more chances to find an open spot.

Lastly, students should never trust the parking space signs that tell how many available spots are left in the structures. It will only lead to false hope.

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