ASI board meeting talks Milo Yiannopoulos, university advancements and more

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Associated Students, Inc. was urged to act on Milo Yiannopoulos’ upcoming Oct. 31 visit at its Board of Directors meeting Tuesday.

“I’m here today to continue to urge the ASI Board of Directors to speak up for the students you represent, which includes myself and the collective I represent,” said Queer and Trans People of Color Collective President Mel Mateo Barrios. “Elizabeth Jimenez came up with the resolution to denounce Milo from coming to campus,” said Berrios in regard to the Board member for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. “I should be seeing that all of you collectively work on such a resolution and act as a model for our ICC councils.”

Representatives from the CSUF College Republicans club defended Yiannopoulos’ freedom of speech.

“They want to silence our voices today. Tomorrow it will be you,” said College Republicans club events director Ryan Hoskins. “I urge that this body at least stays neutral on the topic of freedom of speech, if not promoting freedom of speech itself throughout campus.”

The Governance Committee is scheduled to meet Thursday to discuss the resolution reaffirming and upholding freedom of speech.

The board also heard presentations from multiple on-campus entities and college reports.

The CSUF Students for Life asked ASI to consider its petition to implement diaper decks throughout campus.

“Diaper changing stations would benefit parenting students, employees with small children and visitors to campus, and would thereby make our campus a more welcoming environment for all families,” said CSUF Students for Life President Brooke Paz.

Vice President for University Advancement Greg Saks gave a presentation about the priorities of University Advancement for the current school year. These include alumni engagement, student needs, fundraising goals and the development of a comprehensive campaign.

“The goal is being able to connect with individuals and foundations or corporations and help them understand the value of giving back to the institution in a way that directly impacts student success,” Saks said.

Chair of the Academic Senate Stephen Stambough, Ph.D., also presented an informational report to the board to update it about the expected general education requirement changes beginning next fall.

“In the executive order, courses that are in your major will be allowed to double count for G.E. categories,” Stambough said. “Social Sciences Category D will be dropped from 15 units to 12 units. Overall number goes from 51 units to 48 units.”

Also discussed at the meeting:

  • The Arts Inter-Club Council is having an art fundraiser for the Mexico Recovery Effort. They are asking students to donate art.
  • The Associate Director for Alumni and Campus Communities Justin Gerboc gave a presentation on the 10th annual CSUF homecoming week.
  • Reports from the Environmental Sustainability Commission and Panhellenic highlighted its goals, funding status and events.
  • ASI announced scholarships will be available for application until Oct. 9.

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