ASI board appoints new director for College of Health and Human Development

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The Associated Students, Inc. Board of Directors voted unanimously to appoint Britney Nguyen as the new director of the College of Health and Human Development at its meeting Tuesday.

“Britney will become a great asset for the Board of Directors, not only that she has background knowledge of all things Cal State Fullerton, but she is highly involved,” said ASI Vice President Andrew La.

Nguyen is a fourth year health science major and is involved on campus in a number of ways, serving as a tour guide while also being involved with outreach to high schools and community colleges to let students know about CSUF. Nguyen is also involved with the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program.

“I saw (your resume) and was really impressed with all of your things you’ve done with your time here at Cal State Fullerton, and I’m really looking forward to you hopefully sitting on the board with us,” said Chief Governmental Officer Saba Ansari.

Nguyen’s experience on campus will likely aid her in her new role.

“I really, really love Cal State Fullerton … being able to work with prospective students and now I’m hoping, given this opportunity, I’ll be able to work with current students,” Nguyen said.

The board also heard presentations from multiple on-campus entities and college reports.

Gregory Pongetti, the living collections curator for the Fullerton Arboretum, gave a presentation about the current renovation project of the redwood garden.

“Due to the drought and other environmental factors, we’ve lost a lot of redwood trees. So, we have cut down all the dead ones and we’ve planted a lot. (We’re) sort of taking an ecological approach to try and solve some of the problems there,” Pongetti said.

Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, Tonantzin Oseguera, Ph.D., informed the board about the new Title IX campaign, “Respect, Respond, Report,” as well as the search for the new chief of police.

“Our new chief of police officially retired in September, but he’s staying with us until the end of this semester,” Oseguera said.

Also discussed at the meeting:

  • The report from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences recapped its resolution denouncing the scheduled appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos.
  • Mackenzie Sheppard and Sara O’Toole of the College of Arts said they want to expand the Titan Rewards Program to include the arts, not only the sports program.
  • Nicolas Jekel and Glaiza Julian of the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics announced a Brunch with the Dean event to be held on Sept. 26 on the third-floor terrace of Mihaylo.

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