Couples who share too much on social media are wasting everyone’s time

We all know that couple. You know, the one who posts a million times a week (or day) about one another. Whether it’s on Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, cheesy statuses like “happy monthaversary!” and “I miss you” tend to find themselves flooding the timelines of social media users.  

While there is nothing wrong with posting about someone you love, there is a such thing as oversharing, and there’s research to prove this.

A 2017 study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology found that higher use of Facebook correlated with a decrease in overall mental health.

Plus, staging your happiness on social media probably doesn’t make you happier anyway.

When I’m scrolling down my timeline, I want to see people doing cool things that I can’t do. Things like going on a hike, going to a hipster museum or even a post of some fancy vegan meal.

I don’t want to see you guys kissing, or looking into each other’s eyes. I don’t care that you’ve been dating for three hours, and no, you don’t look as great as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Sure, you may think all these postings are a great idea. You’re happy. You’re in love. Everything’s great and then BOOM. You break up. So now you have to go back and delete




What a pain! But a week later, after hours of clicking from photo to delete button, you’re back together. Now your timeline is as boring as it was before you had a partner.

So what’s the solution? Don’t hit the post button.

While some say those couples are the most insecure about themselves, and are actually not as happy as their selfies make them out to be, there are situations where these updates serve a purpose.

Men seem to post less about their partners than women. As my boyfriend likes to say, men do this because they don’t want their friends to see them as “soft.” I’ve come to understand this, so I don’t expect a “happy birthday” shoutout to show up on his feed.

Let’s be honest, a lot of these posts are staged.

When you go on a date with your significant other, is the first thing on your mind how great the date is going to be, or that you actually have quality time to be together?

If you’re not thinking of any of those things, then you’re probably worried about which spot will have the perfect lighting or the best caption that shows Instagram how happy you two are.

So put the phone down. Enjoy your time with your partner because being an adult only gets harder and sometimes, social media causes more issues than it helps.

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