Humanities and Social Sciences ICC approves memorandum denouncing Milo Yiannopoulos’ appearance at CSUF

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The Humanities and Social Sciences Inter-Club Council approved the request on Thursday for a memorandum denouncing the slated appearance of Milo Yiannopoulos on Oct. 31.

“Specifically…we’re denouncing it because of civility and financial concerns,” said Chair of the HSS ICC Dania Salgado. “A lot of the values we uphold (as a college) are not in place with this event. I’m glad we passed this. It shows the same kind of progressive actions we were taking last semester are going to continue into this council.”

President of the College Republicans club Amanda McGuire felt this decision the HSS ICC made turned its back on students who may feel marginalized on campus because they hold conservative views.

“For them to limit what freedom of speech is and what ideas on campus can be shared, what that says is against what freedom of speech is,” she said. “I’m sad they had to do that.”

Students for Quality Education presented the council with the request Sept. 8, and the vote took place at their Sept. 15 meeting.

Prior to the vote, the council had an open discussion allowing members to voice their concerns and ask questions regarding the Yiannopoulos visit. Council members contributed to the discussion with their personal concerns and thoughts, with a few choosing to share their club members’ concerns.

“Altogether we feel this person does represent a threat to this campus for emotional safety and for physical campus safety. We saw the attention he drew at UC Berkeley,” one representative said. “I don’t know about all of you, but I don’t want this university to become a news story.”

Another council member voiced their concerns regarding freedom of speech and censorship.

“He has a right to say what he says, and we have a right to say what we want to say. We can have that dialogue but once we start suppressing someone because we don’t like what they have to say, we go down a slippery slope,” a council member said.

Salgado motioned to close the voting process, allowing only council members to be present in an attempt to avoid outside influence.

SQE praised the council’s decision with an Instagram post, thanking student leaders.

“I am absolutely excited that this generation of students is standing by, supporting and maintaining the civil rights movement,” said SQE member Liz Sanchez. “By passing a memorandum like this, it is contributing to a larger movement.”

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