Show-stopping women’s fashion trends to look out for this fall season

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(Nicole Adamita / Daily Titan)

Fashion trends always seem to repeat themselves, but with a fresh touch each time. Certain trends, like denim, never really go out of style, they change and adapt to the times. This fall, classic women’s fashion trends are making a comeback, but they are more than just a flashback.

Red-y to take over

(Nicole Adamita / Daily Titan)

Passion, caution, aggression, confidence and seduction are a few of the many associations with the color red. It’s the color of blood and represents the urgency of a stop sign.

Red has the ability to ignite a sense of dominance and power. Whether with red lips, a red dress or on the red carpet, red has been one of the key colors in fashion for years.

Red can be worn from head to toe or used to add a pop of color to any dull, neutral outfit. Dress it down with a black top, jeans and a puffy, red jacket and some white sneakers, or dress it up with a vibrant, red dress and black pumps. The color makes an effortless statement and radiates sexualty.

Plaid is rad

(Nicole Adamita / Daily Titan)

Certain fashion trends always come back in style, but plaid is one classic look that never really left.“It’s one of the most widespread, recognizable and ubiquitous designs in the world, coming in almost every color and shade under the sun,” according to an article in Smithsonian Magazine.

The iconic pattern transitions from elegant to casual, depending on context. It’s seen on kilts of Scottish dancers as well as The Beach Boys’ iconic 1960s surf outfits, but hipsters and lumberjacks also wear it, allowing the design to have many different associations.

Plaid is popularized through oversized blazers and pantsuits. Channel your inner “Clueless” with an oversized plaid blazer paired with white sneakers by day or dress up the blazer with a white t-shirt, jeans and heels by night.

Heavy Metal

(Nicole Adamita / Daily Titan)

Risk takers like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and Beyoncé have all made appearances in metallic outfits, both on stage and on the red carpet, making it a fearless and bold choice that only a few dare to take on.

The futuristic fabric induces space vibes that are sleek and polished. From the 1970’s disco era to the 2000’s red carpet, the show-stopping look is a surefire way to catch anyone’s attention. Metallics have been on and off the runways through the years and they are making their way back.

Add a pop of metallic to a black t-shirt dress with a silver, metallic bomber jacket and metallic sneakers, or take on a bolder look with a metallic dress paired with black heels.

Flower Power

(Nicole Adamita / Daily Titan)

Along with plaid, floral is another classic pattern that never goes out of style and can be customized to fit any occasion.Florals represent a soft, feminine touch that can be viewed as sweet and elegant or retro and hippie-like.

Between the 1960s and 1970s, flower power was a popular slogan that represented resistance against war and violence. The movement promoted peace, making flowers a symbol of patience and love. The pattern can be seen on blouses and dresses or simply embroidered on the borders of jackets and pants.

Florals and denim are the perfect match this season. One can wear a floral blouse paired with light jeans and black boots or jeans with roses embroidered on the edges paired with a simple white t-shirt.

Faux Fur-bulous

(Nicole Adamita / Daily Titan)

Fur is commonly associated with wealth, luxury and prestige. In early society, animal fur symbolized courage and power, and hunters believed that when they wore fur, they would carry the strength of the animal they hunted. Due to its durable quality, fur is also used for warmth and protection.With the rise of animal rights, many are against real fur and have moved to faux fur. It may look real, but no animals are harmed in the making of it.

Colorful fur is the latest fashion. Faux fur made this trend possible since there aren’t many pastel colored animals in the wild. The trend also allows designers to experiment with different colors of faux fur and it grants consumers access to affordable, good-looking fur.

An oversized, pastel faux fur coat can be worn during the day or night. Wear the coat with some jeans and sneakers during day and the same coat over a dress paired with heels at night.

It’s important to take these trends and make them unique. Fashion is all about expressing oneself and having fun.

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