Rapper Adrian Gamboa fought through technical difficulties during a CSUF performance

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The first few minutes of Adrian Gamboa’s Wednesday concert in Becker Amphitheater got off to a rocky start when his DJ equipment overheated in the 100 degree weather. Without sound for the first few minutes, Gamboa improvised, deciding to spit his rhymes acapella to open up the show.

Gamboa wasn’t going to let the heat stop him from performing for the students of Cal State Fullerton. After sorting out the equipment, his band, composed of a bass player, drummer and DJ, started from the top.

Students stopped by to listen in between their classes, and many stayed once Gamboa entertained with new music. People danced in the grass, and students on skateboards passed by bopping their heads to the music.

“It’s very hyped, and I like that. It’s a good way to take a break from class,” said fourth-year health science major Alejandra Centeno.

Gamboa’s set was completely original, from the lyrics to the beat production. He blended familiar song choruses with his own style, producing an energetic performance that new fans could relate to.

“Ever since I started making music, I always had the idea that I didn’t want to go to anybody else to do something for me because I wanted to control the overall expression. So that’s why I learned to make beats,” Gamboa said.

In “You, Pt.ll,” Gamboa’s lyrics reflect the desire to rekindle a lost love, while in “Step Back” he raps about wanting to do things his own way.

While playing an hour-long set in immense heat isn’t something every artist would sign up for, Gamboa was thankful for everyone who sat through the show with him, and the heat didn’t damper his drive to perform.

Gamboa’s been making music for 10 years but said he isn’t ready to entertain bigger crowds. He is currently focusing on releasing more music and boosting his exposure as an artist.

Gamboa is inspired by the slogan “not for sale” as a personal reminder to stay true to himself through his growth as a musician.

“It’s memorable. It’s really simple and relatable. You’re not for sale, you don’t sell out, you stay true to you,” Gamboa said.

The concert ended with a crowd of students and faculty who enjoyed Gamboa’s uplifting words. The young artist said he is continuously improving his work, always keeping a positive lyric in mind, as he raps “It takes years for a diamond to shine.”

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