CSUF’s ASI Productions hosts ‘Titan Tusk Force Mystery Monday’

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(Jessica Janssen / Daily Titan)

Students showed off their karaoke skills, played games, won raffle prizes and devoured free mystery food in the central Quad Monday afternoon as part of Associated Student, Inc. Titan Tusk Force’s “Mystery Monday” event.

“Basically what it is, is just free food that we’re giving out. Since today was ‘Mystery Monday,’ our mystery food is funnel cakes,” said Titan Tusk Force events coordinator Kiana Schreiber. “It’s just a fun way to get everyone to come together and just have a good time.”

American studies major Thomas Nguyen walked by the event on his way to class.

“We’re just hanging out before classes. I thought it was cool that there was an open mic and that people were singing,” Nguyen said. “I knew a lot of student association events were going on this week because I went to the ‘All Day (ASI)’ event, but I just happened upon this event.”

Titan Tusk Force director Kaetlyn Hernandez said karaoke was an “innovative” inclusion for the event to encourage visitors to stick around and have fun with the Titan Tusk Force.

“‘Mystery Monday’ is completely new. We wanted to make it so it’s interactive with people,” Hernandez said.

Titan Tusk Force will hold a Taco Tuesday event Nov. 7 and a Wing Wednesday event Dec. 6 as the final two parts of its free food giveaway days.

“People get some free food, they can come and sing their favorite song, sing their heart out. It’s a lot of fun. We just want students to enjoy themselves and enjoy free food at events we put out for them,” said Titan Tusk Force marketing coordinator Jennifer Mendoza.

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