How much is Milo Yiannopoulos being paid to speak at CSUF?

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Milo Yiannopoulos could be paid upward of $17,000 for his appearance at Cal State Fullerton Tuesday evening, according to documents obtained by the Daily Titan.

The conservative provocateur requested either a flat rate of $20,000 or a 60 percent cut of ticket sales, whichever comes out to be less, according to notes from a June 13 meeting between the CSUF College Republicans club, Student Life and Leadership and Associated Students, Inc.

The Daily Titan obtained these notes in response to a public records request.

CSUF College Republicans club president Amanda McGuire said that the figures found in the meeting notes were inaccurate in a text message, but didn’t provide any alternative figures.

“The contracts did well to ensure both parties came away with costs and expenses covered,” McGuire said.

As of this writing, it is unclear if any of the details have changed since the June meeting.

All 819 tickets for the event were sold out. At $35 a piece, ticket sales would total over $28,000. This would leave the lesser option to be the 60 percent cut of $17,199.

The notes also revealed that part of Yiannopoulos’ interest in coming to CSUF comes from a free speech issue on campus between a faculty member and a student, likely to be the February altercation between anthropology lecturer Eric Canin and a member of the College Republicans club.

Canin was exonerated after an independent arbitrator found he “did not engage in anything resembling a fight and did not have any conscious intent to cause harm to the students,” according to the official report.

As for the timing of Yiannopoulos’ appearance, “Halloween was chosen because their desired space is available,” according to the notes.

Other documents obtained as part of the public records request outlined the costs of equipment and services provided by the Titan Student Union totalling over $9,000, and a separate event premium of $407.

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